Best quality cosmetic kiosk makeup display stand design

Nowadays people are paying more attention to their appearance. Women who love beauty are more confident, and cosmetics can enhance a woman’s personal charm. That is why many people start the business of cosmetic products.

If you want to make a cosmetic kiosk to start a business in the shopping mall, we can help you to make it. Our website has many cosmetic retail kiosks, you can check and see if has your favorite one. Now we want to share with you a retail mall cosmetic kiosk design.


This is a cosmetic kiosk design used for the shopping mall. About the size of the cosmetic kiosk, we can make it according to your need. The size of this cosmetic kiosk design is about 4 x 3 m. It has a top with spotlights and the logo with a frosted acrylic base.

You can display the cosmetic products on the countertop. So that the customer can see and choose the products easily. On the surface finish of the cosmetic kiosk, we can make some posters for advertising and for decoration.



Our design team can make a customize 3d cosmetic kiosk design for you. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the details of the cosmetic kiosk. For example, the size of the cosmetic kiosk, the layout of the cosmetic kiosk, and the material, the electricity and so on.

For a customized cosmetic kiosk design, it will charge a 300USD design deposit. We will send the 3d cosmetic kiosk design to you in 3-5 working days. We can make some changes for you if you are not satisfied with the design. After confirming the final 3d design, we will make a construction drawing for you. Then you can send it to the shopping mall for approval.

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