3m by 2m Cosmetic Kiosk White and Wood Booth for Sale

cosmetic kiosk

Are you looking for a cosmetic kiosk in the shopping mall? A simple and modern cosmetic kiosk is good for business. It needs a small location to start but also needs a new nice design to operate. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic kiosk with you.

Cosmetic kiosk information

This cosmetic kiosk size is 3m long and 1.8m wide, includes tall display shelving, front service table, and individual stand. The main material is MDF to build the kiosk body and the finish is a high glossy baking pint. We can also add lighting to increase brightness and cabinets for storage.

makeup counterCosmetic kiosk design

Display counter

The front counter has a glass display showcase with multiple shelving. You can place cosmetic samples and cosmetic sets on the top so that clients can view them and purchase them easily. It has a ceiling from the side, which can add lighting here, your brand logo can also attach here directly. While under the glass showcase, it’s a good idea to add draws and cabinets to increase the storage area.

cosmetic standTall display cabinet

There is a tall display cabinet on the backside, it has display shelving with lighting to hold products. In the middle has a brand name. At the bottom, it has cabinets with adjustable shelving, which can restore more products here.

Individual stand

There are two individuals standing on both sides, and the display layers are all staggered, which looks very designed and can display more items. You can also add the brand name on the top to make full use of it.

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