Attractive style fresh fruit juice kiosk with stone countertop

The fruit has always been regarded as a symbol of health. And parents always like to tell their children to eat more fruit. Because fruit is rich in a variety of nutrients needed by the human body. Fresh juice store is the juice of fresh fruit, made into cups of delicious drinks. So that many people do not eat fruit but love the taste of fruit. How about to start a fresh fruit juice business?

Fresh juice is very simple to make, just use a specific juicer, tap to get a glass of fresh juice. This is an attractive style fresh fruit juice kiosk with stone countertop design. It is helpful for you to have some ideas to make a juice kiosk to start your own business.



This is a juice kiosk with a top and ceiling lights and lighted acrylic strip. It has the work counter for the staff to make the juice and glass display shelf that can put the fruit models. On the front has the lighted boxes for the posters. You can put some beautiful and attractive graphic designs for advertising. Meanwhile, the back side has a water sink so that you can wash the fruit and the food etc.

For the material of this fruit juice kiosk, we can use MDF with baking paint or plywood with laminate. But for the countertop, we had better use stone material. Food kiosks need to touch water so the countertop material we need to use stone material or stainless steel material. Strong, waterproof and durable.


We will install a whole juice kiosk in our factory and divide it into a few parts. When you receive it, just need to open all the packages, and connect them together. It has the male and female connectors, please contect them together to your local power supply.

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