Mini juice bar counter new style juice kiosk design mall stall

Every day drinking a cup of juice is good for our health. If you want to start a small food business, a mini juice bar can help you to do it. Our website has many ideas to guide you on how to start a business.

This is a mini juice bar counter new style juice kiosk design mall stall. You can take it as a reference and this is a design good for someone who does not have enough budget in the first business.



The size of this juice kiosk is about 2x2m. It has a glass guard around the juice kiosk and the countertop material is white color man-made stone. You can put the equipment machine on the countertop to make the juice. It can only for 1 staff to work inside, not a big area.


The material of this juice kiosk is plywood as the basic material. And the surface finish is yellow color laminate, white color laminate and solid wood strip. On the kiosk we add the customer’s logo, they are the 3d acrylic lighted logo, lovely and cute.

Under the stainless steel toe kick has the led strip light. We will install the sockets for your machines. Please send us the size of your machines so that we can leave enough space for you.


First step – You need to rent a location first in the shopping mall or in a store both okay. But you need to consider the location if good to run your business.

Second step – You need to start to arrange something you need for the juice business. Make a juice kiosk, buy the equipment machine and hire staff.

Final step – Set up the juice kiosk and start your business now!

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