Crepe Kiosk & Waffle Display Stand

Crepe is a popular fast food as we know. This week a customer from the USA sent me an inquiry on crepe kiosk.

what makes him worry about is the mall already has two crepe kiosks. so he has to make a very unique and creative kiosk so that can attract customers. or will very hard to fight with them.

Then I remembered we just did a creative crepe kiosk, it is a very nice design. I shared this kiosk to him:

why say it is creative? I want to explain to you:

crepe kiosk,

When the first eye I saw it, I was attracted by its nice looks. It totally used lemon yellow color match white counter top. When you saw it you will feel very warm. To make this crepe kiosk more attractive, we added white exquisite Openwork decorations. On the left side and right side of the kiosk, we added two red lanterns.

This crepe kiosk size is 5m by 3m, it was divided into 2 sections. The right big area 3.5m by 3m is used to prepare food and sell food, on the left side is a sitting room with bar counters and chairs. This kind of design makes this kiosk more functional.

crepe kiosk


The crepe kiosk is made into plywood and laminate as a surface treatment. When we produce the wooden cabinet, we will produce it according to the construction drawings like the size, material. When we produce the wooden cabinet, we will reserve the sockets and the logo, light box for you. After wooden cabinet, we will start to stick the laminate. Finally, we need to install the logo, sockets, light box, and etc.


crepe kiosk

If you located Sydney port, the whole time will take about 2 months. The time include shipping time, production time and design time. It will take 3-5working days for first design. We need to consider the modification time and mall approval time. So we suggest that you need to reserve about 10-15 days will be better.

For the production time, it will take about 22-25 working days. The shipping time will take about 14 days to Sydney port.

Can I Get New Design?

Sure, we are custom manufacturer, and can customize the kiosk according to your needs. You can tell me what size of the kiosk you get from the mall. When we produce, we will design and produce according to the size. For the color, you can tell me what color do you prefer. If you have own layout for the kiosk, just let me know. We will display it on the 3d design.

crepe kiosk

How about the Install?

We will produce the kiosk and divided it into several parts according to the construction drawings. Because it is convenient to ship. When you receive the kiosk, just put them together according the number. Then connect the power supply. The kiosk can work successfully. It is not difficult for you.

Do you like this crepe kiosk? if you want to do a new crepe kiosk, just come here!

Unique designed and did many food kiosks before, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and  Saudi Arabia are our main markets. We did many food kiosks used in Miami, New York, LA, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Dubai, Toronto etc. We have our own design team and exquisite workmanship, we can help you design your kiosk as your needs.

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