4×2 Meter Mall Used White Color Teeth Whitening Kiosk For Sale

No matter how beautiful your face is, no matter how perfect your figure is, no matter how stylish your hair is, your teeth are yellow. Even if you put on heavy makeup, you can’t hide it. So beauty must be 360 ​​degrees without dead ends, and teeth are the same important. The data obtained in a report of the scientific investigation of men shows that no matter how beautiful a woman. If the teeth are not bright enough, the teeth are yellow, or even the teeth are black, they cannot show themselves well in front of everyone and talk to others.

I always feel embarrassed when I’m in, over time, interpersonal communication will be affected to a certain extent, and no matter how beautiful a woman is, it will only make men retreat. Aware of this, many women who have not paid attention to tooth whitening before have begun to perform dental cosmetic work.

mall teeth care kiosk

The teeth whitening kiosk design:

This is a teeth whitening kiosk in an indoor shopping mall. As a leading mall kiosk manufacturer in China. We customize all types of shopping mall service kiosk, salon kiosk, and retail kiosk.

The body of the teeth whitening kiosk is MDF in white baking painting finish. With a lot of blue colors LED light involved.

Since this is a small size service kiosk, the design must make it unique and attractive. This teeth whitening kiosk has a great advantage in design.  A semi-private workspace will be great for customers. Teeth whitening business is also a typical service salon business. But this design adds some product display showcase on the service area. that a great try.

Unique Kiosk can customize the shopping mall teeth whitening kiosk. No matter what size you have, we can design and build a nice looking kiosk for you, contact us for more design options.

teeth whitening stand

Why do we need to do the teeth whitening service?

More and more people are beginning to realize that oral care and teeth whitening have gradually become a fashionable and healthy way of life. Just like skincare and fitness, they can improve their overall image and beauty index.

Teeth whitening is now a new fashion in dental cosmetology. And it is also regarded as a symbol of civilization and an important part of appearance. However, many beauty seekers say that no matter what kind of toothpaste. Brushing teeth several times a day, the color of the teeth is not the slightest improvement has left many beauty seekers at a loss.

There are many reasons for tooth staining and yellowing, which can be roughly divided into two aspects, namely endogenous and exogenous. In response to the problem of yellowing teeth, with the progress of the dental cosmetic industry. More and more people choose cold light to whiten their teeth. 

How to start a teeth whitening kiosk?

Do you want to make a teeth whitening kiosk like this design to start the business? Please just contact us to customize a new one for you. We can do customize the teeth whitening kiosk design. The logo and color if you have your favorite one, please send it to us. Our design team is very professional and we have our own factory.

We will do all the installation work in our factory and send it to you. When it arrives at your shopping mall address, you just need to open the package. Then please connect the male and female connector together to the shopping mall power supply. Finally, the teeth whitening kiosk will go on. Thanks!

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