Are you going to open a phone cover booth in the mall center? Do you want to sell mobile phone cases to earn money? Nowadays, more and more young people like customized phone covers and unique mobile phone cases. It’s a great idea to open a new phone booth in the shopping mall. A unique phone cover booth can help you showcase the phone cover in a good way. Besides, it can also make your phone shop standing out. Here is a phone cover booth sharing with you. Hope it can help you better.

Description about unique phone cover booth

As we can see in the picture, there are display showcase in four sides. Each corner has a high stand with glass door to put more phone covers. In the moddle is a round high stand with slot wall to hang products. You can add brand logo on the top ceiling and put light box for posters on the top. Do you like this phone booth decoration? The kiosk has display showcase area, check out counter, repair table, storage area, etc.

mobile phone booth phone kiosk phone cabinet

Basic information:

  • Size: 4m×3m, or other size you want
  • Color: Black and white with floor light
  • Main material: Plywood with baking paint
  • Kicking: Stainless steel
  • Other materials: Tempered glass, light strip, light box, acrylic, etc.
  • Function: Display showcase mobile phone covers and other accessories.
  • Design time:  2-3 business days
  • Design deposit: 300-600 usd. It depends on the kiosk size and will refund to you when order
  • Manufacture time: 22-25 business days

As for customized phone cover booth, you can add your own idea to the kiosk. And even put your brand logo to it. If you have any new ideas, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to share more information with you and even send new phone cover design for your reference. Thank you.

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