4×3m Simple and Low Price Retail Watch Kiosk in Mall for Sale

Good morning everyone! Glad to know you are looking for a unique watch kiosk. Watch kiosk includes display counter, locked cabinets, brand logo area, lightbox painting, etc. Any unique ideas can add to the watch kiosk to attracts more people. Today, I want to share a customized watch kiosk with you.

Watch kiosk design details:

It takes a long time to get the final design, for new business, we recommend leaving more time to design. As I first meet with the owner, he has no idea about watch kiosk decoration. So I shared some previous projects to choose from. However, he doesn’t like any of them. Fortunately, the client told us his request and drew a simple sketch. However, he was not sure about the color. I suggested that he choose a color that matches the brand logo, and the client agreed. In this way, we determined the preliminary design details.

watch counter

According to his location size of 3m×2m, the design deposit is 300usd. Our designers sort out the requirements and start the design work. They turn customers’ ideas into reality and make them more reasonable, making the showcase more eye-catching. The first drawing finishes in 3 working days.

When seeing the design at first glance, the client liked it very much. But he wanted to see the different possibilities in order to choose the most suitable one. We made a new revision according to the customer’s ideas for confirmation. The customer is very satisfied with our high efficiency and good service and sends the design to the store manager for permission. And finally, we agreed on this black watch kiosk

watch cabinets

Description of the watch kiosk

As we can see there are two-level display counters on four sides, which increase display area and can also show watches in a good way. Each display counter has a luminous logo on the bottom, so people will be reminded from different directions. In the corner is a fan-shaped counter, and a poster with a watch design is open to the public. The arc shape avoids sharp edges and corners, so customers will not be accidentally hurt.

The high board is marked with white words to show your brand name and business scope. Checkout counter set behind the counter near the entrance. The black color makes the kiosk more highlight the brand atmosphere. Redline lights can decorate the display cabinet, making it look not monotonous, and floor white lights can make your shop stand out.

3D design pictures show

The main material is MDF with high glossy baking paint. Tempered glass display showcase with LED light show watches better. Every watch cabinet has locked doors to protect watches from stolen, you can even lock well at night. Other materials include a 3D luminous acrylic logo, red acrylic light strip, stainless steel, lightbox posters, etc. You can even leave a space to put a TV player for video advertising.


—-How long time to manufacture the watch kiosk?

It takes 22-25 working days to complete the production, counting from the confirmation of the order

—-How to make the watch kiosk?

We should first make a wood body, then painting the surface according to the design. We should paint more than 5 times. And finally assembly the counters and connect wires. We will keep you informed of all the production process, please don’t worry.

—-How can I pick up the watch kiosk?

The goods can be delivered to the final port near you. So you can pick it up from the port or yard. If choose DDU shipping to the door, the goods arrive at your address. It’s up to you.

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