4 x 2 m Food Kiosk Coffee Booth Mall Customize Kiosk to UK

Coffee is a favorite drink of many people. And most people come to make a cup of coffee in their free time. Or make a cup when you’re sleepy or lacking energy, because coffee has a refreshing effect. And different types of coffee taste and taste differently. Coffee can refresh your mind. Coffee has been a favorite drink of people for hundreds of years. Nowadays, many office workers, especially white-collar workers, have taken coffee as an essential drink every day. So if you want to start the coffee kiosk in the shopping mall. Please feel free to contact us to make a unique coffee kiosk.

3D design of the coffee kiosk customize food kiosk to UK:

This coffee kiosk size is 4×2.5m. The front is the cashier area and two food display fridges. And the back side for the water sink and put some equipment machine, like the coffee machine, blenders. The back side is the seating area for the customers, this seating area can hold 8-10 people. Also, the right side has a seating area for customers to sit and eat some foods. ( this part can hold 2-3 people ). Meanwhile, the back side we make the logo with the customer brand logo. With some lighted box for advertising, then the customer can know what foods you sell. And the customer can choose what foods they want.


If you want to make the coffee kiosk, you may want to know the process of how to do it. Our company can make the 3d design of the coffee booth for you as your mall location size. For the 3D design, we will charge 300 USD design within 3-5 working days after we receive the design fee. This design deposit we will deduce from the total cost when you make an order of the coffee stall.


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