3mx 3m classic glossy baking paint cell phone repair kiosk

It is a classic cell phone repair kiosk, we have done more than 6sets before. We have exported this style cell phone repair kiosks to the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and so on. Many customers like this kiosk. What’s more, only replace the LOGO as themselves and keep posters the same as the former’s.

The main material of it is MDF with white glossy baking paint and black glossy baking paint. Some display stands are curve, like the small lightbox on the left. On the top of each display stand with white LED strips, each display stand with key and lock. On the back of display stand is the storage room, it with space to store products.

The logo is hollow out light LOGO. Besides, there are four lighted signs on both higher pillars, which they are similar to the shape of the apple. But please pay attention to it, it is not the shape of an apple, just similar to it. Also, we will dig a hole on the register countertop. Some customers will point out it. So we will check it with our customers when we install kiosk.

The back of the cash register is the working area for repair cell phones, if you don’t need it, we can do that as a display area. If you are interested in this style and want to get a similar one, please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to receiving your email!


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