Compare to Indoor mall kiosk business. The outdoor kiosk is more flexible, easy handling and  Better revenue reward. You do not need to submit a sophisticated drawing by too many regulations for a mall or business center.  With a unique design outodor food booth, you can easily set up a street vending kiosk business.

Outdoor Food Kiosk Design concepts

Here below is the best seller model for outdoor food kiosk in 2019!

  • The size of the food booth is 3×2.2 to fit inside a shipping container.
  • The hight of the kiosk can maximum to  2.5 meter due to the container height.
  • We build the kiosk in the whole set, not knock down and reassemble work.
  • So you will need a full container to load a simple one Kiosk.
  • But we have applied all the electricity and equipment inside. You can receive and drag it to the right location and start your business.

From the front side of the kiosk design, We can see the advertising TV and big poster are installed inside.  With a unique design door with a roof concept ideas to give shades, When close the store after finished work. You can easy drag the hydraulic door to closed it as a fixed booth.

The depth of the kiosk is 2.2 meter. cannot be wider due to the shipping method. If you need a 4-meter wide outdoor kiosk. We will need to split your kiosk into two part and you have to connect them together when you receive it.

However, the length can be any size in between 3-6 meter, to give a wider space inside the kiosk.

Because all of the kiosk stands are customized, You can have different features inside a kiosk. From a custom lightbox to adverting TV. We fully custom the outdoor booth with your ideal requirements.

Unique Kiosk focus on outdoor and indoor retail display solution for over decades. If you need a unique design outdoor kiosk for your business. Here will be your best place. We offer high level finished outdoor kiosk with affordable cost. you do not need to spend huge money on display equipment. The save money should be used to providing better service and qualified food to your customers.

How much is an outdoor food kiosk like?

Outdoor kiosk price is mainly based on the size of the kiosk and material used. Due to the big size, waterproof and durable requirements, The ideal material to build an outdoor food booth is metal and fiberglass (FRP).

Different material used to build an outdoor kiosk will result in a different cost. Basically, if you need one or two outdoor kiosks one time. The ideal choice is metal or stainless steel. If you have a big project or franchise need modular outdoor stands. Fiberglass will be a better way. Because if you use fiberglass to build an outdoor food kiosk. You need to build a mould first. This mould which is costly is a must before you can produce the bulk kiosks.

Here I will give you a rough idea about the above kiosk design price.

  • 3*2.2 meter price at $ 12500
  • 3.5*2.2 meter price at $ 13000
  • 4*2.2 meter price at $ 14000
  • 4.5*2.2 meter price at $ 15000
  • 5*2.2 meter price at $ 16000
  • 5.5*2.2 meter price at $ 17500

The larger size of the kiosk The harder to build it. So even you can see only add 500mm long the cost to build it is different. So, make sure you choose the right size of the kiosk you need and save a lot on kiosk manufacturing.

We have built over hundreds of outdoor kiosk and booth for sale. If you need a customized outdoor food kiosk or concession stands, Welcome to sent us your inquiry.

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