2m×4m orange color retail phone accessory display showcase & phone kiosk supplier

Hello friends, nice to meet you here. Are you going to open a phone accessory and phone case kiosk to start your own business in the shopping mall? With the development of new technological, nearly everyone owns phones especially high end mobile phone. So they need phone cover, phone accessory to protect it. When you are going to enter in this area, it will bring a huge profit.

phonecase kiosk

Phone Kiosk

Phone kiosk we is made into MDF, and we use the baking paint as a surface treatment. The whole kiosk include the logo, light box, glass showcase, light box, light strip. There are three styles to display the phone and phone accessories. One is glass display showcase to display phone or ipad. The aluminum groove plate display will display phone accessories. Third is stair laminate display that display phones.

Basic information

phone cover kiosk

  1. Color: White, white and black
  2. Size: 2m×4m
  3. Material: MDF, tempered glass, acrylic logo, stainless steel, light strip, etc.
  4. Design time: 2-4 business days
  5. Production time: 18-25 business days


We can see in the design, the phone cover kiosk including display, cabinet area and cashier counter. In the front area, there are many display stand with slat wall to hang on more phone cases and accessories. In the corner are 2 polygon glass displays, we can put smart phones and other electronic products. And the high stand is for logo placement, from where people can know your service and products directly. And in the other two corners with orange color is used for posters. Do you like this unique kiosk idea?


We will use the MDF as a main material and the baking paint as a surface treating. After you confirm the construction drawings, we will prepare the material firstly. We will do the wooden board according to the construction drawings. And we need to assemble the wooden board.

Second, we need to polish the wooden cabinet and make the kiosk more smooth. Then we need to finish the baking paint step. We will send the Panton card to you in advance. We will match the color that you like. And we will do the 4 white primers and do the 3 baking paint which include the orange, white, and the black.

In the end, we install the logo, light box, light trip, glass showcase and etc.

How to get such a unique design?

  1. Tell us all the design details and requirements, including color, size, style, material, etc. We have a professional design team, can display all of your needs on the 3d design.
  2. Draw the 3D design based on description and requirements.
  3. Check the design carefully. After the design is finished, please let us know if there is any changes. Then we will modify to make it better.
  4. Once you agree with the design, it will be the final design.
  5. Produce the kiosk according to the design. Finally, you can receive the right kiosk you want.


Design fee: A kiosk design fee will take 300 USD. When you confirmed, the design fee will be refunded to your deposit.

Kiosk Price: The kiosk price based on the final design. You know different design has different price. Arrange the 50% deposit for production. During the production time, we will take the videos and pictures for you. Before loaded the kiosk, please arrange the balance payment.

Our people always keep their eyes on the production and we take pictures everyday so it is a daily record for your order. If you want to know your order production details you can ask photos from our people and we work 24 hours for you. You are welcome to discuss your own design idea with us. Thank you for reading.

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