Key points to pay attention to when opening a coffee shop

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PLAN 01 Store opening plan

Running a store or a brand mostly starts from an idea, but to realize it, you need to formulate a complete plan and sort out the gap between the ideal and the reality.

In recent years, the elimination rate of domestic cafes has been extremely high. How to establish a foothold in such a fierce market and establish an irreplaceable position in the hearts of consumers is undoubtedly a university question.

Business type

Understanding the current market is the primary topic for brand management, analyzing existing coffee shop business trends, competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, etc. Comparing the pros and cons of different business types, such as the conditions and differences required to expand from an independent store to a directly operated branch, how to maintain an independent style and expand the scale of development, these issues are worthy of careful consideration.

Clear positioning

It is very important to establish brand image and store positioning, which will affect the meaning and status of the brand in the minds of consumers. If the positioning is not established before opening a store, it will be difficult to get to the core and accurately delineate the scope when thinking about space design, product items, pricing, and setting target consumer groups. As a result, the brand lacks the core spirit and is difficult to be remembered by consumers.

Target customer groups

Before entering the market, you must clearly think about the target customer group, analyze the customer group’s consumption habits and purchasing power, and formulate the pricing of the product accordingly, so that it can be accepted by consumers of this group. For example, the business model of a takeaway shop does not provide sedentary seating areas and is mostly located in commercial areas.

Product planning

After establishing the positioning, you can plan the product categories according to the business model. For example, if you adopt a complex operation of a coffee shop, the product categories are not limited to coffee drinks. They may be jewelry, clothing, utensils, books, etc., or It is combined with other services, such as laundry, irregular performances, and hair salons. The more diversified the product categories, the more consumer groups it can attract, but one must also be careful about the risk of high costs and reduced quality due to overly complex product categories.

Business plan

When formulating an operation plan, it can be divided into short, medium and long-term goals for setting. According to the development blueprint, the ultimate goals for each period can be planned and the possibility of business development can be explored. In addition, when setting the time to open a store, it is recommended to open a low-key trial operation during the off-season of the cafe, giving yourself ample time to test the thoroughness of the plan and make adjustments to address problems.

Fresh cup of coffee.

PLAN 02 Store location selection

Before entering the market, you should conduct comprehensive research on possible locations for opening, and screen based on your own brand’s style and target group. Choosing the right store location is one of the keys to success.

Traffic density and characteristics of business districts

How to evaluate suitable store locations? Generally, population flow is an important indicator. Whether it is a commercial district, cultural district, tourist destination, etc., the higher the population density, the better, to facilitate operations. However, another way of thinking has gradually emerged recently. Many operators with ideas have begun to break away from saturated areas and explore remote villages. They use the uniqueness of space and products to attract crowds, thereby promoting the development of local tourism and avoiding competitors. In too many cases, this approach may be a way out when the market is saturated.

PLAN 03 Funding Structure

Before opening a store, you must invest a sum of money. Good capital budget allocation will affect the long-term operation of the store. Even if the store is initially opened as a single store, the possibility of opening a store in the future cannot be ruled out. Therefore, understanding the brand’s capital structure and flow will help to make a correct assessment of profits and losses in the future.

PLAN 04 Design Planning

Space design is closely related to brand positioning. Whether it focuses on hand-brewed coffee or espresso coffee, it must fit in with the interaction between the overall space and customers, including bar location, circulation planning, seating area allocation, etc. Even complex business owners must consider each area. The distribution ratio can appropriately create a cafe space with multiple attributes.

Bar design affects the overall space atmosphere

If the bar counter is placed in the center of the space, it can be used as the overall focal point, which is suitable for brands that want to focus on hand-brewed coffee. Since the gesture of hand-brewed coffee is performative, it is placed in the center of the space so that customers can see it clearly, which improves the brand’s familiarity and further attracts customers. People are curious about hand-brewed coffee, which in turn increases their motivation to buy coffee products in the store.

The bar on the side can relatively free up the largest area as a guest seating area. It should be noted that the distance between the bar and the seats should be distributed as evenly as possible. The purpose is to allow employees to pay attention to the movements of guests at each table at the same time when working at the bar to avoid neglecting guests’ orders. , checkout and other needs. Therefore, in order to meet the maximum number of customers, a distance of at least 50 centimeters needs to be left between tables for customers to pass sideways to reduce collisions with each other.

Bar level distribution and circulation efficiency

At present, most of the main working areas of coffee shops are long bars. However, the regional division of labor inside the long bar also affects the production efficiency. If the brand provides more than one type of coffee items, such as Italian coffee, hand-brewed coffee, and even desserts and salty snacks, It is even more necessary to distinguish the division of labor in one-stop services in detail.

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