Key points of light design and production in jewelry kiosk retail display.

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Retail kiosk  is a kind of  terminal product display. Is becoming the most dazzling star In the modern shopping mall place . It shows the prosperity of the mall.  And on behalf of each brand to establish their own brand image and form a beautiful scene of flowers blooming.

I. jewelry kiosk in mall — open the door of the brand.

Today is a brand era. Brand represents fashion, represents the superior. Enterprises without brands are planning their own brands; Brand enterprises are planning how to brand quality, excellence, perfection. And jewelry shop furniture and retail kiosk is an essential part of any brand product sales carrier a display. If you  want to set up the brand name so as to let the consumer to the enterprise brand to make a good visual feeling. No matter what kind of products the company sales, enterprises should be made for your own products tailored retail kiosk solution.

Ii. Establish corporate figure.

Jewelry retail kiosk counter as the carrier of the brand is bound to be the “image endorsement” of the enterprise. On the contrary, the enterprise can also display its corporate image through jewelry display cabinet. Then the role of jewelry display cabinet is obviously.

Iii. Improve sales performance.

The most important role of jewelry display cabinet in mall kiosk is that jewelry display cabinet can have the most direct visual communication with consumers. And consumers can clearly understand the products of enterprises, and then produce consumption behavior. And good retail kiosk to also can promote “resale” generation below the influence of thought of “experience economy”. So no matter be brand product company or the company that wants to change product brand, the lamplight design that shows ark certainly can take cabinet very seriously  in design and manufacturing.

As the display props and equipment of high-grade and fashionable products, the significance of jewelry display cabinet is self-evident. In the process of display, lighting and other lighting systems play an unmatched important role, because the characteristics and charm of jewelry and other exhibits often need light to be emitted to perfectly present in front of the public. Since lamplight illumination system is so important, in the process that shows ark design and make. What does the installation key point such as lamplight illume system have?

How to start a brand for your business?

Above all, go up in lamplight choice, we should have enough common sense. For instance how much space is equipped with what model, brightness how old illumination lamps and lanterns? Jewelry is a diamond product. What color of light do we choose? How to improve the charm index of exhibits in the process of light color matching… These problems should consider synthetical according to actual situation, sell the storefront of gold for instance,

We choose yellow light to highlight the noble atmosphere of gold as far as possible, the retail bar kiosk different form mall service kiosk. such as diamond, crystal we often choose the white light of cool tonal will highlight the bright of diamond, crystal… So the lighting system is the first point is to design and plan our lights.

Secondly, because what retail kiosk  to show is gold, diamond, emerald, gem to wait for high-grade luxury goods and vogue to taste. So the lamplight of illumination system wants enough bright, the brightness that just can let kiosk counter  have enough to show a glamour design .

Key points of lighting design and production of jewellery display cabinet! uuuuuuuuuu

In addition, we have to win in lighting and make our lighting system unique. Here, the characteristic mainly refers to the light reflected by the jewelry on the lighting and the light vision presented. Jewelry kiosk and food kiosk  production pay attention to lighting, if we do the lighting system on jewelry refracted light is too bright, but is a failure.

How much is the LED light installed in the jewelry kiosk ?

Finally, according to our many years experience , I would like to give an  advice on the installation of the lights to our peers, white gold jewellery display case, jade and other jewelry, you can use: article 5050 patch white LED lamp, brightness 1080 lm/meters, power 14.4 W/m, droop thousands of hours to zero, illuminate the object color clear, save electricity than about two-thirds, green lights / 60 meters 60 yuan, lamp/m $72 to $69. Gold jewelry, can use 5050 patch warm white LED strip, brightness 1080lm/ m. Power 14.4w/m.

Light fades to zero in a thousand hours. Illuminate golden colour saturation, refract better. It is about 2/3 more energy saving than ordinary lamp tubes, 60 green and environmental protection lamps/meters 60 yuan, 72 lights/meters 69 yuan. We can choose and design suitable lighting system according to our own needs and actual situation.



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