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portable outdoor Information Kiosk for sale | design & Price

Outdoor information kiosk is a tourist info point installed in the park or scenic spot to provide information for visitors. A professional information kiosk must be unique design with high quality finished. Unique Kiosk is a leading outdoor display solution provider. We supply best quality information kiosk for sale.

When you hunting for a information center you need to know what type of kiosk you need? just provide us the function and style you want , we can design and build a high level info kiosk for you.

As a typical outdoor kiosk, Information kiosk can also used as a ticket kiosk . Nowadays ,more and more information kiosk become digital kiosk or self serve kiosk. Visitor can easy get the information by simple clicks.  But still some places need a outdoor information kiosk .similar like a guard house or a visitor center. Some of the info kiosk can also do newspaper  or retail kiosk.

Unique is a professional outdoor kiosk manufacturer. We have exporting outdoor kiosk and information kiosk for several years. If you want a custom info kiosk or ticket kiosk .Welcome to contact us.

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