How to open a sushi restaurant?

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Nowadays, there are many friends who want to join the catering industry, many of whom are born in the 1990s and have no experience in the industry. Many young people don’t like to go to work and want to start their own business. The most common choice is a restaurant. After the epidemic, the catering industry will definitely undergo a major reshuffle from macro to micro. But for inexperienced investors, it is still very confusing. So how to choose a catering project that is easier to operate? What do you need to do to open a store?

Japan’s traditional delicacy, sushi, has always been popular among people. Rice balls seasoned with sushi vinegar and added with fish, seafood, vegetables and other ingredients are favored by foodies. Opening a sushi restaurant has become an entrepreneurial project for many business investors, so how to open a sushi restaurant? What business skills are there? These are shop opening skills that businesses must master. Below we have some guidelines on how to open a sushi restaurant for your reference.

1. Understand the market

If you want to open a sushi restaurant and open it well, you must first understand the sushi market, especially the market situation in the location where you open the sushi restaurant. First of all, we need to take a look at the acceptance of local consumers. If local consumers are more accepting of delicacies like sushi, then there will be more people willing to come to the store to consume, and sushi restaurants will naturally have good development prospects. However, if everyone’s acceptance is not high, there may not be many people visiting the store after it opens, which will easily affect future development.

Secondly, we must consider the competition. If the competitiveness is too high, it is actually not suitable to open another sushi restaurant, because the competitiveness is too high, which is not conducive to the sustainable development of the sushi restaurant. If you can have a detailed understanding of this market in advance, you can truly know yourself and your enemy.

2. Site selection

When we open a store, we must first choose a good address, among which shopping malls and commercial pedestrian streets are the best locations. The main consumer group targeted by sushi restaurants is young people. Young people are generally more active and like to go shopping and check in. Therefore, choosing a popular address can greatly increase your income.

The address of the store is an important factor affecting the business of a restaurant. Before opening a fresh sushi restaurant, you need to determine the location and store conditions of the store. Moreover, the location of a restaurant will directly affect the consumer groups that the store faces. Therefore, when selecting a location, each store owner must consider the selected project and whether it is consistent with the restaurant’s positioning and intended consumer groups.

The actual site selection will be affected by many factors. The editor here gives some good site selection suggestions: near shopping malls, CBD, business districts, stations, transfer stations, schools, hospitals, residential areas, etc. with large flow of people. Streets and intersections are good addresses.

However, it is important to note that it is not suitable to open restaurants next to banks and wedding shops, and it is not suitable to open restaurants next to main roads with too wide roads. Address selection is specifically divided into the following categories:

(1) Shopping malls or commercial pedestrian streets with large passenger flow and high consumption power.

(2)There are a large number of office buildings, schools and other areas nearby.

(3)Near more mature communities.

3. Furnish

Sushi is a Japanese delicacy. When decorating, we can adopt the decoration style of some Japanese restaurants. The decoration with Japanese style customs can make customers feel like they are in Japan. Together with the delicious taste of sushi, it can enhance the atmosphere of the entire store. We can decorate the walls with some Japanese patterns, such as cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji, etc. The tableware should also be made of Japanese or distinctive tableware as much as possible.

If you are a fresh sushi restaurant that specializes in dine-in dining, you must put some thought into the decoration, and the headquarters will provide professional design solutions. The decoration of a store directly affects the impression the store leaves on customers, and is also the key to attracting customers to come in. The editor does not recommend spending a lot of money on decoration, but it must have its own characteristics and attract attention. Our design team will provide decoration renderings, and entrepreneurs only need to find a local construction team. If you run your own brand, you must pay attention to planning the kitchen circulation, the area ratio of the front room and kitchen, and the arrangement of dining chairs.

4. Document declaration

After selecting the store address, we will declare the certificates while starting the decoration. Generally, we declare the documents 2-3 months before opening the store. The specific application procedures are as follows:

  • When confirming the water and electricity diagram of the sushi restaurant, submit it to fire protection and environmental protection for approval.
  • After finalizing the floor plan of the sushi restaurant operation room, submit it to the Health Bureau for approval.
  • After determining the route of the gas pipeline of the sushi restaurant, report it to the gas company for approval and make an appointment for construction time.
  • After completing the above steps, report to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to apply for a business license. We can register as a company or self-employed.
  • Finally, we need to apply for a tax registration certificate, etc.

5. Product

In addition to decoration, a successful sushi restaurant has another key factor, which is the product. Customers come to the store to taste the delicious food. As the market continues to change, we must continue to introduce new products to stimulate customer activity.

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