How to make your kiosk more attractive with glass?

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Speaking the glass, we are no stranger, It is widely used in our life, for example, glass doors, glass Windows, glasses and glass works of art. From a business point of view, glass is also an integral part of it, so please follow me today to see more applications of glass.

With the improvement of people’s consumption level, more and more service-oriented industries gradually emerge, which is very popular with customers and friends. At this time, many friends see business opportunities and decide to set up shop when the boss.

1.Tempered glass.

The most widely used is tempered glass, It’s very safety and’s very nice to jewelry display stand, phone display showcase and watch display cabinet. For some of the more expensive items, glass display window is a very good way to display. You can avoid direct hand touch and still see it clearly. it’s very good, isn’t it?

2. frosted glass.

Frosted glass – like this teeth whitening kiosk, the four around is some frosted glass. It is beautiful and can protect the privacy of guests, It’s also very portable and stylish.

3. Art glass.

It is necessary to add some glass elements to the food counter, such as glass display shelves for display foods, glass baffle and more. at below the kiosk surface is some black color art glass with circular pattern. the top part is glass with silk-screen cups pattern.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your mall business. more related info, contact us here!

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