How to maintain the display cabinet in jewelry kiosk ?

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For all kinds of jewelry, display cabinets has undoubtedly become a platform for its sales, and plays an added role in jewelry display. In order to prolong the service life of the display cabinet & jewelry store fixtures, it is necessary to carry out reasonable maintenance, and the maintenance should also pay attention to methods. In its daily use, we should pay attention to the maintenance link.

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First of all, the most important point in the maintenance process of wooden jewelry display cabinet is to avoid scratches and scratches on the wooden surface. Because the wooden surface is often painted or painted, once scratched or scratched, not only the appearance is ugly, but also not simply restored. In addition, wood cabinets should always adhere to cleanliness and hygiene, and detergents can be used to quietly wipe the surface of stubborn stains. In addition, the wooden display cabinet should be moisture-proof and light-proof. The humid environment makes the material of the display cabinet deformed. Under direct sunlight, the paint on the surface of the display cabinet is oxidized and damaged, and the wooden display cabinet should avoid frequent displacement and movement as far as possible.

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Secondly, the used display cabinet paint surface will often leave a look at the distressed watermarks, fingerprints, then, how can they be quickly removed? You can lay a clean wet cloth on the surface of the display cabinet and then iron it with an iron at a lower temperature. This will evaporate the moisture that penetrates the paint film and make the watermarking disappear. It should be noted that the cloth used for the cushion should not be too thin and the temperature of the iron should not be too high. Otherwise, the water mark on the surface of the display cabinet has been removed, but it will leave a deep mark, even more dazzling.

Finally, the painted jewelry kiosk is contaminated with dust, and can be wiped with gauze wrapped with slightly wet tea residue, or wiped with dry cloth with cold tea water, which will make commercial furniture particularly bright and clean. But after wiping the jewelry display cabinet with tea, remember to wipe the tea with a slightly wet cloth dipped in clear water. Because tea usually has tea stains, residual on the surface of the paint will affect the original color of the jewelry display cabinet.

In the use of jewelry kiosk , we must avoid man-made damage, which will not only affect the beauty of its surface, but also shorten its service life, and will have a certain impact on the display of jewelry. Therefore, in the future use, we need to maintain and maintain it regularly, keep its surface clean and bright, let the jewelry blossom charming glory.

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