How to do a good job in the decoration design of the barber shop?

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If we want to run a barber shop well, we must pay attention to the design and decoration. Only by planning the design and decoration effect of the barber shop well can we continuously improve the overall space environment of the barber shop and leave a good impression on the consumers. Barber shop decoration should pay attention to decoration details. Including barber shop signs, lighting design, floor, wall and ceiling treatment, furniture placement, decoration, color tone, etc., each decoration design link is related to the presentation of the overall decoration effect of the barber shop.

To create the overall decoration environment of the barber shop, it is necessary to present that kind of space atmosphere. The space atmosphere of the barber shop needs to be made more warm, comfortable, pleasant and relaxed in order to enhance the customer’s consumption experience. This is also conducive to the word-of-mouth communication and brand building of our barber shop.

The design and decoration of the barber shop should be unique. Now because there are too many barbershops, it is very important to shape the personality of our barbershop at this time. There must be elements of means to attract customers or market customers to guide customers, so as to enhance the competitiveness of our barbershop.

Barber shop decoration design barber shop design and decoration should pay attention to these principles. Humanization, safety, greening, etc., the use of healthy and environmentally friendly decoration materials for barbershop decoration is also conducive to the enthusiasm of staff and the physical and mental health of customers. In short, the design and decoration of the entire barber shop should be considered more for customers, and the comprehensive layout should be based on different perspectives.

To do a good job in the design of the decoration, the most important thing to do is to guarantee the construction of the decoration, professional decoration service, professional service, and reasonable quotation. These are the basic conditions for the comparison of decoration quotations in barber shops. The comparison of relevant information in the barber shop decoration quotation form must start from the characteristics of the actual decoration, so that the comparison can be objective and comprehensive.

The commercial application of the barber shop is often prone to high-end needs during decoration, so it is necessary to consider the combination with the market in the process of selecting a decoration service team. Whether the quotation for barber shop decoration is reasonable or not, the main condition is to combine it with the market situation, so as to make the overall quotation information better and ensure the professional and high standard of service.

01 Decide on the design style of the barber shop in advance

Barber shop design store style is to choose Japanese style, classical style, modern style, European style, Thai style and so on. According to the decoration style of the barber shop, the cultural and professional atmosphere of the shop is shown, so that customers can accept and recognize the business philosophy of the shop, and at the same time, the business items and prices are drawn so that customers can understand at a glance. The determination of style must be different from other counterparts. The design of the barber shop is appropriately embellished with some high-end crafts, calligraphy and paintings of celebrities to highlight the corporate culture.

02 Barber shop furniture is mainly practical

Barber shop decoration is indispensable for tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture. The modern minimalist style is mainly practical. When choosing furniture, we must first consider whether it is necessary and whether it is practical. In terms of furniture modeling, simplicity and practicality are also given top priority. In order to avoid the monotony caused by simple furniture, you can work hard on the color of the furniture. Through the combination of furniture of different colors, the beauty and vitality of the space can be increased.

03 Spatial layout embodies humanization

The spatial layout of traditional barbershops tends to be considered from the perspective of operators, and the spatial layout mainly includes hairdressing areas and waiting areas. It seems that the space is fully utilized and the space cost is saved for the operator, but in fact the customer experience is not good, and the display of hairdressing products is limited. The decoration of a high-end barber shop should be customer-oriented, and the needs of customers should be put first. Especially when facing high-end customers, the spatial layout and functional areas should be perfect. The decoration of the barber shop covers as much as possible the front desk area, hair washing area, hairdressing area, hot dyeing area, waiting area, product display area, and toilet.

Interior of an empty modern barber shop.

Barber shop decoration design considerations

01 Overall layout of barber shop decoration

For a barber shop to look good, the decoration layout is very important. Then in terms of decoration layout, we must first determine the overall idea of the whole day decoration, and then determine the theme style of the barber shop.

02 Front desk decoration in barbershop decoration

In the decoration of the barber shop, special attention should be paid to the decoration of the front desk. After all, the first thing customers see is our front desk, so the decoration of the front desk should be beautiful but practical. But from the perspective of the importance of the front desk, the decoration is still more important, and the safety of the front desk decoration of the barber shop should also be paid attention to when decorating the front desk.

03 Barber shop decoration lighting design

The difference between a barber shop and home decoration is that the selection of decoration lamps in the barber shop has a great influence on the later decoration effect. When we decorate, we should choose lighting according to the characteristics of our barber shop. Pay attention to the decoration of the barber shop to have its own characteristics, and the mirror can have multiple shapes. For example, an oval is not a monotonous square. Maybe changing a shape just makes the customer feel good.

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