How should a watch store be designed reasonably?

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If watch store merchants want to attract more attention to their stores and attract more people’s attention to their products, they need to carry out reasonable watch store decoration design, so that the overall visual effect will be better.

For watch store decoration projects, reasonable space design and style selection are required. The utilization rate of each space corner is higher, which can ensure a stronger sense of space and make the product display effect better. Let’s briefly introduce to you what issues you should pay attention to when designing a watch store.

1. Tips for designing a watch store

(1) Pay attention to the reasonable creation of features

During the design and decoration process of a watch store, it is necessary to reasonably create features. Because the watch store needs to present a more high-end and atmospheric effect, the interior space design must also be more reasonable. Try to choose a semi-curved style, which will make the exhibition hall more distinctive and highlight the characteristics and advantages of your products.

The design must be combined with the actual situation of the brand, so that a more outstanding watch display cabinet can be designed and decorated. For the display of high, middle and low-end watches, it is also necessary to choose the appropriate location so that you can attract customers’ attention through appropriate methods.

(2) Reasonable selection of store display cabinet materials

In order to highlight the high-end design of the watch store, especially to make the product display effect look more high-end, it is naturally necessary to choose suitable materials for the design and construction of the display cabinets. The selection of various materials should be judged based on the actual situation.

It is necessary not only to ensure its creative innovation effect, but also to ensure that the quality of new materials is more stable. This directly determines the overall visual effect and functionality of the watch store to a large extent. It will also have a certain promotion effect on the display of watches, so it is recommended that everyone understand these details. We can choose high quality stainless steel or metal materials.

(3) Design open showcase

If all the watches are placed in the window and displayed in a mechanically closed manner, although customers can rotate 360 degrees to browse, there will be no direct contact after turning around. This kind of interactivity will be very weak, which will give Customers are left with a very single impression.

If products are displayed through open showcases, not only will the watches be directly contacted by customers, but also the characteristics of the watches can be understood in a targeted manner. Therefore, in this way, customers’ memories of the watches can be deepened. You can choose a small area for open display, display more expensive watches separately, and require employees to use a key to open.

(4) Use lighting wisely

In order to make the product display effect better, in addition to more reasonable space design in display cabinets and watch stores, the use of lighting is also very important. The overall color of the exhibition hall is usually dominated by bright colors.

If you want to make the overall effect of the watch store more outstanding, the use of lighting plays a decisive role. Generally, watches want to highlight a more high-end and noble effect. Therefore, it is not recommended to use warm light. You can choose a cool light source. For example, light sources such as bright white light can highlight the overall functionality of the showcase and make the display effect more distinctive.

Forming a good interactive mode can effectively improve the user browsing experience. Only in this way can the functionality of the watch store be comprehensively improved. Good interaction can be formed between users and products, which can effectively improve the display effect of watches. Naturally, the meaning of product display will be better displayed. The above is a specific introduction to the design and decoration of watch stores.

2. Design focus of watch store display cabinets

On the one hand, the decoration of a watch store largely depends on the watch display cabinet. The quality and area of the display cabinet determine the quality of the watch decoration. Therefore, how to make a good watch cabinet is particularly important. So what are the five key points in the design of watch store decoration display cabinets?

(1) The watch display cabinet has a unique design:

Unique design attracts more consumers, makes it easier for consumers to visit, easier to recognize and discover, and allows consumers to leave a deep impression in the space and be remembered in the future. The exhibition design must be unique, but it cannot be divorced from the exhibition purpose and commercial image.

(2) The design of watch cabinets should fully consider the space of the watch cabinet:

The design of the watch cabinet should fully consider the reasonable placement of the watch cabinet in the limited space, so that the watch cabinet can better reflect the display effect of the goods. Let the audience get the most effective information in limited time and space.
The design of the watch display cabinet should be concise:
Simplicity is the best way to attract consumers. Most people only accept limited information at the moment. If the consumer is in a hurry, he will not be interested unless he can get clear information immediately.

(3) The design of the watch cabinet should be based on the perspective of the target audience:

The success of a watch showcase largely depends on consumer interest and response. The design of watch display cabinets should take into account human factors, such as the purpose, emotions, interests, opinions and reactions of the target audience. As far as its audience is concerned, it is easy to attract the attention of the target audience, resonate with them, and leave a deep impression on them.

(4) The design of watch cabinets should emphasize the following points:

The watch cabinet should have centrality and integrity. The focal point of a watch display case can attract attention. The focus should be chosen for the purpose of display, usually a special product, a new product, the most important product or products. Highlight the key points in terms of location, layout, lighting, etc. At the same time, appropriate use of color, graphics, and layout creates a coherent and unified impression.

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