How much Stainless steel Mall Kiosk, food carts, and display fixtures?

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Stainless steel is an important material for the mall’s kiosk and outdoor kiosk. The stainless steel kiosk manufacture processing are difficult than other materials. Therefore, This material is an important factor affecting Shopping Mall Display kiosk and outdoor food booth prices.

stainless steel outdoor kiosk
outdoor retail kiosk by metal frame

The processing price costs of stainless steel is similar with the wine kiosk decorative calculation method. but there are essential differences.

Stainless steel and metal are best for outdoor kiosk and food carts

So if you want to purchase quality and cheap shopping mall kiosk, you must understand that the price of stainless steel processing. Because the price cost includes material composition, processing, welding, grinding, titanium and transport six.

Whether high, medium and low-grade stainless steel that used in a mall kiosk, determined by the part of the kiosk. Usually, the low-grade stainless steel is less used, only a kiosk shelves portion, which is used for fixing the glass. Besides the mid-range of shelves, Lower grade stainless also used to
make decorative lines for mall kiosk.

The upscale mall kiosk and display fixtures used a lot of high-level SUS, not only to do with a stainless steel body but also for full decoration. So for most shopping mall kiosk price, the stainless steel processing is an important part. Although they are shopping mall kiosk series category from different fields and style, it will often face the same kiosk decoration by using good stainless steel.

How we calculate a mall kiosk price by stainless steel?

Stainless steel is also part of the production method of the same winemaking decorations. so the price calculation method similar to a wine display. costing gouging by the meter, the price calculated by the bending area, the welding cost is calculated according to the length, andaccording to the whole titanium size .

stain steel food carts for sale

But there are essentially different in decorations and wine kiosk prices. Especially in the different materials used, the calculation method is more complex. China mall kiosk price are quoted based on the final length of the dislay cabinets.

Stainless steel display price cost

Shopping Mall Display Price stainless steel processing consists of six parts, namely the material, machining, welding, grinding, titanium and transport.

The material generally used in a high primary color mirror or brushed stainless steel plate. A thickness of more than 1.0mm, and the surface smoothness of the plate for higher requirements.

General 2.4 * 1.2m each plate is about 300 yuan. Processing includes gouging, shearing, bending three, since the Chinese mall kiosk for high precision, high processing costs and therefore about half the cost compared to wine kiosk decoration, the general price per square meter is about 1,000 yuan.

Welding of Chinese shopping mall kiosk length is calculated according to the cost, generally every meter price of 200 yuan to 300 yuan per meter. kiosk grinding costs per section 100, titanium price of around $ 200 per session kiosk.

So, How much a outdoor mobile food cart in stainless steel? The price mainly determined by the technololy , material cost and labor cost. Contact us and get you metail mall kiosk quoted in a best price.

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