How much money needed to start an optical shop?

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Because the size of the optical shop can be large or small. So, the invest in the shop are different. Typically, The small optical shop needs to invest about $10000-30000. The large optical shop needs to prepare at least $50000-100000, or more. Of course, these costs are only for estimation, and the actual cost depends on the specific situation.

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Optical store furniture is quite different from a sunglass kiosk, Generally speaking, the investment of an optical shop mainly divided into the following aspects:

Rent and transfer fee.

Small optical stores usually around 40-80 square meters, too small to be opened. If open a large shop, the investment cost will greatly increase. Obviously , the rent cost of the large store quite different from smaller ones. However, the rent of such stores varies greatly according to the location and city of the entrepreneurs.

Generally speaking, small optical stores are mainly opened around the community or school, mainly in the middle and low-end market, and these stores are located in the middle and low-end market. The rent is generally paid in 2000-5000 months, half a year or a year.

Therefore, when calculating the initial investment, entrepreneurs should calculate the rent in half a year or a year. In terms of the loading fee, it varies from 0 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan according to the situation. Entrepreneurs can ask more about the same port and choose the shop with a relatively low transfer fee.

Equipment cost.

In terms of equipment, small-scale and large-scale optical stores are the same. All kinds of equipment are indispensable. The price of the whole set of equipment is about 10000 US dollars. Of course, there is some imported equipment with a total price of about 30000 US dollars. For small-scale optical stores, there is no need.

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First Inventory.

Small eyewear stores are mainly in the middle and low-end market, so they don’t need to enter too many high-end products. The first inventory volume can be controlled at about $10000, including all kinds of lenses, frames, presbyopic glasses and sunglasses.

Decoration cost.

Small eyeglasses stores do not need to be decorated too luxuriously. They are too luxurious, but they have a feeling of resisting people. However, they should not be too bad. Instead, they should be simple, fresh, generous and beautiful. Generally speaking, the decoration cost, as well as the production of various counters and shop signs, can be settled by about 10000 dollars.

Optical shop furniture decoration also includes store fixtures and shopfitting. From optical shop design to commercial display furniture. All the aspect need a budget, So, a proper business plan is necessary at the beginning step.

Typically, decoration cost occupies a large part of the investing. If you can control this part well, you will save a lot of money, You can choose to get cost-effective display fixtures from Unique or sourcing shop design online. Local contractors are always given the highest price.

Labor cost.

Labor can be determined according to the actual situation. Now many small glasses stores are operated by husband and wife or friends, so you don’t need to hire people. If you do it by yourself, you can hire two employees, with a weekly salary of about 1500 dollars.

Training and various certificates.

The optical shop involves optometry, which requires entrepreneurs to master relevant technologies and hold optometrists and top matching wage certificates. For entrepreneurs who have experience in optometry, they can apply for certificates directly, with a cost of about $2000. For entrepreneurs who have no experience in optometry, they can open stores by training or joining.

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Publicity expenses.

At the beginning of the opening, we should do some propaganda properly. Small optical stores don’t need to make a lot of reports through media, newspapers, etc., but it’s necessary to send out leaflets, make some promotions, and send some gifts. This expense can be invested in the range of $50000 to $10000 according to the situation.

Manage turnover capital.

In addition, we suggest that entrepreneurs should be able to prepare a working capital of more than 20000 US dollars to avoid all kinds of unexpected needs because the consequences will be unimaginable if the capital chain breaks due to special circumstances.

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