How do small businesses survive from the coronavirus epidemic?

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No one at the airport or at the cinema! What should I do if popcorn and plane meals can’t be sold out? The company has a good idea

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) put up the shutters of the airport, and the performance of the cinema also greatly reduced. Many restaurants and hotels were ready to close because of poor management. Impact foods, which committed to food conservation, find a new wave of business opportunities from the predicament.

What about plane meals?

The aviation industry is the first industry to bear the brunt of the epidemic. When most of the aircraft are grounded or unable to eat on board, the business of catering providers in the aviation industry is equivalent to being cut off directly. Since 2015, the company began to purchase vegetables and fruits with low market value due to scratches, discoloration, or unsightly shape. And the impact food sold by the company has come up with a solution.

The average “food box” of impact foods costs 16 dollars, and the organic food box can even cost 24 dollars. They buy cheese platters directly from the catering industry and sell them in their own food boxes. In this way, even if the plane is grounded, the catering industry should not be afraid that the cheese plate cannot be sold. And consumers can now buy a $9 cheese platter for $2.99.

What about pineapples that commonly used in restaurants?

Take pineapple as an example, which is often used in restaurants. When the tourism industry becomes tight, there are no guests in the hotel, so there is no need for such a large number of pineapples. Impact foods buy pineapples from hotels at a more favorable price than before, and then sell them to consumers at a discount of 7 for pineapples, which is a general supermarket chain. It not only helps the business to deal with the excessive pineapple but also saves the money of the consumers.

In addition to airplane meals and pineapples, impact foods also buys popcorn for cinemas that cannot be sold, small broccoli commonly found in restaurants, or seafood, and resells them in food containers or through their own channels.

New business opportunities in crisis

When novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to spread, Imperfect Foods, which seems to be affected, opens another source of income. Their performance has increased novel coronavirus pneumonia by 40% over the past. In this crisis of industrial chain imbalance, impact foods reduced the impact on farmers and food suppliers, so that they could not lose their jobs or close down. We will also ensure that the production and supply of food will not be excessively unbalanced and that stagnant industries will have the capital to slowly recover to the previous level.

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