How can a good jewelry display cabinet be made?

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The quality of jewellery display cabinet is very important. It can be customized by the manufacturer of the display cabinet. According to the decoration of the storefront, we can determine the material of the jewelry display cabinet, which is high-end or middle-end. After confirmation, we can put forward our own ideas to the manufacturers of the display cabinet and let them design a exclusive jewelry display cabinet for you. From appearance to material, it should conform to the decoration of your jewelry store. So how can a good jewelry display cabinet be made?

1. Special attention should be paid to the treatment of lighting in the production of jewelry display cabinets

Jewelry stores sell more precious goods, through the corner of the spotlight or LED light illumination will be more prominent diamond dazzling luster, precious rare jewelry and trigger consumer buying desire. The lighting design of the jewelry display cabinet first comes from the top light source. There are two kinds of light commonly used, halogen lamp consumes a lot of electricity, and warm yellow light. LED and other low power consumption, cooling white light can be selected according to demand. The interior of jewelry display cabinet is mostly illuminated by fluorescent lamp to improve the overall brightness. In order to improve the stereo sense of jewelry, cold light and LED lamps are installed in the front and left corners of the counter as supplementary light sources. If it is in the form of island cabinet, the overall lighting effect of the jewelry area can be improved by lighting with lamp belt.

How can a good jewelry display cabinet be made?

2. The accessory materials of Jewelry Exhibition cabinets should not be designed too fancy

Exhibition cabinet accessory materials, in fact, are some of the decoration of the exhibition cabinet, such as carving, spray painting and so on. Can’t design too fancy, should be combined with the overall image of jewelry shops to design, so that spray painting, carving and other ancillary materials play a decorative effect. Special attention should be paid to jewelry, not other decorations. Everything else is green leaves, which act as a foil.

How can a good jewelry display cabinet be made?

3. When making jewelry display cabinets, while designing according to space conditions, we should also design them from the perspective of consumers to satisfy their psychological and physiological needs as much as possible. Simply speaking, we should do our best to make consumers look comfortable and like them, so as to accept and buy them naturally.

Only when the jewelry store and the jewelry display cabinet are harmoniously unified and exude charming charm, can more customers be attracted to enter the store and buy your goods.

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