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More than 2,000 years ago, the Catholic Church in Europe established November 1 as “All Hallows’ Day.” “Hallow” means saint. According to legend, Celts living in Ireland, Scotland and other places believed that October 31 was the official end of summer. That is, the beginning of the New Year, the day when the harsh winter began.

At that time, it was believed the spirits of the deceased, it would return to their former homes on this day, to search for life in the living. Thereby regenerating, and this was the only hope for rebirth after death. The living are afraid of the spirits of the dead to take their lives, so people put out the fire and candlelight on this day. So that the spirits of the dead can not find the living, and dress themselves as demons and ghosts to frighten the spirits of the dead. After that, they will rekindle the fire and candlelight to start the New Year’s life.


Halloween activities

One fun part of Halloween is “Trick or treat,” a custom that began in the ninth century in the Christian Church of Europe. At that time, November 2 was called “ALL SOULS DAY” by Christians. On this day, believers go to remote villages. They beg from village to village for “soul cakes” made of flour and raisins. It is said that the families who donated the cake believed in the prayers of the monks of the church. Because they expecting to receive God’s protection and let the dead relatives enter heaven as soon as possible.

This tradition of begging from house to house has now become a game of children carrying pumpkin lanterns from house to house asking for candy. When you meet the children, children dressed up in various forms will make a threat to “eat or treat”. And the host will give them candy, and put the candy in the large pocket that the children carry.


Second, the story of the pumpkin carved as an empty lantern, which originated in ancient Ireland. The story is about a man Jack. He gets drink many liquor. One day, Jack tricked the devil into a tree, and then carved a cross on the stump to intimidate the devil, so that he did not dare to come down. And then Jack made an agreement with the devil, let the devil promised to cast a spell. So that Jack would never commit a crime in exchange for letting him go down the tree. After Jack died, his soul could not go to heaven or hell, so his spirit had to rely on a small candle to light.

Halloween candy

Thirld, the most popular game on Halloween is “Bobbing for Apples”. In the game, people let the apple float in a basin filled with water. And then let the participants bite the apple with their mouths without hands, who bites first, who is the winner.

Fourth, divination. Ireland, there is a traditional divination game, participants blindfolded, from several small dishes placed on the table to choose one. Such as the touch of the dish contains dirt, representing the participants in the coming year, it will be related to the people. Such as water will be far away, money will be rich, beans will be poor, and so on.

Halloween Clothes

Dress up as a ghost Halloween is actually the western ghost festival. It is a group of ghosts haunted days. People want to dress up as a ghost to scare the ghost away. So this day many people will dress up in strange costumes. They dress as a variety of ghosts wandering in the streetm. So that timid people go out must pay attention, must be prepared in the heart. Otherwise you are not scared to death by ghosts, they were scared to death as ghosts.

On the night of October 31st, there will be a Halloween parade. There are adults, there are children, there are people walking from the street to the end. Everyone wears their own unique clothes and is very creative.


In 19th century Ireland, a young girl would put slugs on a floured dish, and the traces of the slugs would be the appearance of her future husband. In North America, it is said that if an unmarried woman sits in a dark room on Halloween night, she can see her future husband in the mirror. However, if they were to die before marriage, a skull would appear in the mirror.

This custom has been popular since the late 19th century, and related greeting cards are also sold. Telling ghost stories and watching horror movies are common activities at Halloween parties. Halloween-themed TV specials are usually broadcast on or before the Halloween holiday and are mostly aimed at children.

Halloween role-play

  • Pumpkin

On Halloween, children can dress up as pumpkins, which has a festive atmosphere and is not particularly scary, and the pumpkin dress is relatively simple, especially suitable for children.

  • Witch

Halloween, you can also dress up as a magic witch, can paint as a mask, simple and fun, tall thin girl suitable for dressing up as a witch.

  • Skeleton

On Halloween, you can also dress up as a skeleton, skeleton look more ugly scary, bold people can dress up as a skeleton.

  • Vampires

Halloween is the ghost festival, dress up as a vampire, especially to meet the theme of the festival, the appearance is more scary, can give people a special exciting feeling.

  • Ghost

The legend of the ghost is all over the world, and the festival of ghosts naturally cannot fail to have its appearance.

Halloween decorations

Before Halloween, many of us start decorating our homes. The interior and exterior decoration of the room begins a week before Halloween, and many public places and yards of homes will be decorated with a lot of different kinds of ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, black cat dolls, witch broomsticks, and dummies with broken hands and feet. Even banks have decorations, spider webs, ghosts.

If people hang jack-o ‘-lanterns in their Windows on Halloween night, it shows that people dressed in Halloween costumes can come and knock on the door and ask for candy.

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