Food Kiosk in mall should be environmental friendly and safe for customers.

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In addition to high-end atmospheric grade, food kiosks should also have sustainable development, environmental protection production, recyclable and reusable. In order to create a better future, it is necessary to adapt to the needs of society. Therefore, environmental protection is indispensable to every industry. Our Unique Development Cabinet Factory also follows the concept of social development.

To say that Unique is in line with environmental protection, in fact, when Unique was founded, we have been engaged in the environmental protection of food kiosks from the perspective of environmental protection technology. Because the environmental protection of food kiosks has a great relationship with the quality of wooden display cabinets, environmental protection also determines the high-end of the display cabinets, and Unique is aware of this, display cabinet factory is never to produce low-end display cabinets, so we Unique took a correct road, a road of environmental protection.

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The environmental protection of the food kiosk is clean, pollution-free, odorless and easy to recycle. This is because the high-grade food kiosk is completely achieved, and the wooden display cabinet can also meet the requirements, but because of the different materials, its effect is also more different. To achieve environmental protection is not difficult, but the principles to be followed are: environmental protection, workmanship, quality, requirements.

At present, nearly 70% of the food kiosks in the market are not environmentally friendly. Even some famous fast food vendors do not use high-end food display cabinets. It is not for cost savings, but it is very difficult to find a professional manufacturer of high-end food & beverage display kiosks like ours in the market. The food display counter produced by more general display cabinet factories are very difficult to meet the requirements of environmental protection, because they are not high-end. Since the 20th century, the hardness of common stainless steel display cabinets and ordinary stainless steel can not meet the requirements. It must be high-grade stainless steel. However, many display cabinet factories do not have advanced stainless steel display cabinet production technology. Common wooden paint display cabinets and paint production lines are polluted heavily, and the food kiosks produced are easy to aging in order to complete quickly and quickly. To gain profits, we constantly provide these unpainted and environmentally friendly display cabinets to the market, which makes it difficult for customers to believe that there is a real display cabinet they want in the market. Until the 21st century, many paint contamination display cabinet factories moved out of Shenzhen, display cabinet factories realized the mistakes, so they did not move forward in the line of environmental protection.

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Unique Development Cabinet Factory attaches great importance to resource conservation and environmental protection, earnestly implements the responsibility of energy conservation and emission reduction, formulates management system of energy and resource consumption, emergency plan for sewage treatment, solid waste management system, hazardous chemicals management system, sewage treatment norms and management system, solid waste management system, waste gas and wastewater management system, noise and dust management system, sewage treatment system. Emergency plan.

We are in line with environmental protection, which means that we are in line with the world; remembering the dependence of customers is the significance of this integration. We Unique will go on, let more display cabinet factories join us, let the display cabinet be more environmentally friendly, purify the food kiosk market!

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