4 tips to start your food kiosk business in mall

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Nowadays, the food industry is becoming more and more popular all around the world. It can located in shopping center, commercial street, airport. Even park and beach.it can for selling some soft beverage, snack, sweets, fast food, ice cream, coffee and juice.

Are you ready to start your own food kiosk business in mall? If you still don’t have any ideas. It’s necessary take two minute see this article here.  

1. Make a plan.

  • Before you start this business, it necessary to do a market investigate.
  • Learn from successful experience.
  • Determine the main scope and scale of the operation.
  • Budget. It include Rental location, kiosk charge. Machine and labor costs.

2. Location choose.

At first, you need find a space from the mall that hot sale and welcome. It means a place with a certain popularity, convenient transportation and dense crowd. It will can help you brings many client.

3.Kiosk style.

A nice look and style decoration is very important.you can try add some special element. Such ice cream shape, coffee cups shapes. Cookies logo,chocolate drop on it. It’s very attractive. Isn’t it?

  • Material.

1).MDF with baking painting finished. The surface is very glossy and smooth. It’s very easy to do some curved and special shapes.

2).Plywood with fire-proof plate. Its hardness is higher, not easy to scratch, waterproof performance is relatively good

  • .Stainless steel counter. It’s safety and easy clean.
  • .Solid wood surface: surface with varnish finished, it’s very high-end.

5). Corian countertop: wear-resisting, easy to clean.

  • Layout .

Usually the front part mainly for order and product display. The back part mainly as a work area. it can put the sink and machine here.

  • Logo & Menu.

You can try do a creative logo, with space images and the brand name. A special menu to show your product and the price list. Can put it on the front part of the kiosk, kiosk top part or do a high stand to display it.

  • Lights.

For the whole kiosk bottom and the under countertop, it’s very good to put some led light strip decoration. Can do it in white, pink, blue and more. If the kiosk top part have shelves or top. We can add some exquisite ceiling lamp. That will be great.

4. Machine (equipment list).

  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Oven
  • Juice machine
  • Coffee machine
  • Cash register
  • Stainless steel sink

Thanks for your time and reading, for more related info about our food kiosk. Please contact us here!

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