Design Analysis of Jewelry Store

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Design analysis of jewelry store surface

(1) jewelry store appearance display cabinet and lighting and other contents.

1. Store structure. The appearance of the jewelry store must be consistent with the interior of the jewelry store. Modern general merchandise jewelry store is generally operating high, mid-range goods, therefore, the store should be solemn and elegant, give a person with a sense of magnificent nobility. Department stores and jewelry stores must face the street and introduce customers to jewelry stores from the side of the street. The store structure is generally closed, that is, the entrance is as small as possible, facing the side of the street, covered with display cabinets or tinted glass, so that customers can quietly choose products after entering the store.

Design Analysis of Jewelry Store


2. Signs. Department store jewelry store signs are used to display the name of the signs, is part of the store. Signboards strive to be eye-catching, the use of correct text. Signboards written by celebrities, signboards decorated with lights, and signboards with bright colors can enhance the image of jewelry stores. Tell commonly, gem exhibits ark sign to want to be parallel with street, also can set perpendicular to the signboard of storefront, make people can recognize from distance. Department store jewelry store to design their own LOGO, LOGO on the store.

3. Entrance and exit. The entrance and exit of department stores and jewelry stores should be coordinated with the business area and passenger flow of jewelry stores. The entrance and exit of the jewelry display cabinet can be properly separated. Those close to the street are mainly for entry, while those far from the street are mainly for exit.

4. Jewelry display cabinet. The gem that general merchandise jewelry shop exhibits ark to adopt enclosed commonly. There should be an interval between the inside of the jewelry display cabinet and the sales site. There should be a small income and expenditure door on the back wall. Enclosed jewelry display cabinet is convenient for display and placement, making full use of scenery decoration, and facilitating the processing of products inside the jewelry display cabinet.

The height that gem exhibits ark base, be from commonly 80 centimeters, 130 centimeters to adult eye can see height had better. Display should be carried out from a place 60 cm above the ground. Small products from the height of 100 cm or more display. Bicycle waits for bigger product to be able to display the “bed” on 5 centimeters tall from the ground, want to notice embellish “bed face”.

(ii) store design

Jewelry display cabinet design in the shop refers to the design of the business hall. Operating office is the place where customers choose and buy products, which has a great impact on customers’ buying behavior.

1. Design of the business office. Under normal circumstances, sales added and operating office area is directly proportional, so in the building area has been determined under the conditions, to try to expand the operating area. The building area of jewelry exhibition cabinets in department stores and jewelry shops can be divided into the following parts:

(1) part for customers: pure operation office; Stairs, elevators, toilets; A restaurant for customers; Refreshments, service facilities.

(2) part for jewelry shops: equipment for salesmen; Stairs, elevators, toilets; Office, warehouse.

(3) other parts. The area of operating office is generally 60%-70% of the usable area, and the area ratio of pure operating office is 40%-60%, which is about 50% of the total building area.

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