Choose a suitable surface finish for your mall kiosk as your needs

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Nowadays, when you go a shopping mall, you will found many kiosks are opened in the Mall corridor. Many people choose open a kiosk instead of a retail shop, on one hand a mall kiosk just take little space in mall, so rent cost not high like a shop, and lease term flexibility, when you want change kiosk or location, it is easier than a shop; on the other hand, kiosks positions as usually are high traffic area, the good location easy attract customers and get profit.

A mall will have many kinds of kiosks, different kiosks and styles of course surface finish need be different. So you need check your kiosk design and your needs to choose the most suitable surface finish.

Here I want introduce some surface finish materials hope can help you learn more about surface finish
1.Laminate finish
Laminate also called High-pressure Laminate. Because it is Fire retardant, because it is Abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, stagnation resistance, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, moisture resistance, no fading, so it always used to make food kiosk, and some kiosks which have machines and water.

2. paint finish
The painting progress mainly include 4 steps, first step is polish the surface, then do base paint, after base paint finish, then will do surface paint, after than will use High temperature baking setting. Painted surface as usually is very smooth and bright, and paint can achieve any color you want, so looks very nice.

3. Solid surface finish
most commonly used solid surface as usually are stone. Stone also have 3 types, manmade stone, natural marble, Quartz. Manmade stone because can achieve seamless stitching, and Artificial stone can be arbitrarily shaped,at same time it is very durable and easy clearn. So it is the most widely used stone. Marble and Quartz because will have gap and hard to create curved shape, so as usually used for flat countertop.

4. solid wood finish
Solid wood because it’s natural look and beautiful grain, recent becomes more and more popular in furniture area. Solid wood surface finish will give people very nature and comfortable feeling, and looks high-end. also it is more durable. So some customers who want their mall kiosk looks more high-end will add some solid wood strips and patterns for decoration.

5. Aluminum composite panel
Aluminum composite panel combines Aluminum with Polyethylene plastic together. So it is weather-proof, corrosion resistant, impact resistant, fire resistant, moisture resistant, widely used for wall decoration and outdoor decoration. So it is always used for outdoor kiosk decoration.

After read this article, have you got some ideas about surface finish?
Before you choose surface finish, you need take many things into consideration. You need consider your budget, your usage, used indoor or outdoor, need weather-proof or not, want achieve what kind effect etc. Choose the most suitable surface finish for you kiosk can maximize your kiosk use and help make your kiosk more attractive.

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