Application of cosmetic display cabinets in cosmetics stores

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We know that the display cabinet in a cosmetics store plays a very important role because it plays a role in displaying and promoting products. Today we will learn about the application of cosmetic display cabinets in cosmetics stores.

1. The design of cosmetic display cabinets

First of all, it should be combined with the design of cosmetics display cabinets to better apply cosmetics display cabinets. Issues that should be paid attention to during the design process of cosmetic display cabinets:

(1) The first is the style of the cosmetics display cabinet. The style cannot follow the trend and should be new and different.
(2) To make the cosmetic display cabinet conform to the customer’s heart, no matter what, the ultimate goal of the design of the cosmetic display cabinet is to attract customers.
(3) The design of props in the design of cosmetics display cabinets. The design of props in cosmetics display cabinets is people-oriented, coordinated and unified, highlighting key points and making parts exciting while increasing the visual impact.
(4) Make a good spatial layout of the cosmetics display cabinet. The cosmetics display cabinet is a little different from other commercial spaces. It is a space integrating display and sales, so it is necessary to create a reasonable, smooth, guiding and convenient space layout.
(5) The matching of products in cosmetics stores should complement and echo each other, and be interesting and stylish. Cosmetic display cabinet design, but there is another situation, that is the difference in the selection of materials and ingredients.
(6) Lighting and color. Lighting can be said to be a very important link in the design of a display cabinet, especially cosmetic display cabinets. Good lighting design can well reflect products and create a sales environment. A good color design can make the display cabinet more layered and coordinated.

2. The functions of cosmetic display cabinet

Why are cosmetics display cabinets so important? That’s because the cosmetic display cabinet has four major functions:

  • Display display function

This is the basic function of cosmetics display cabinet. As a display item, it should first be able to display goods. Show the elegance of the product in front of consumers so that consumers can have an intuitive knowledge and understanding of the product. Through the function of cosmetic display cabinets, the display of products will appear orderly and well-proportioned, giving consumers a visual enjoyment.

  • Stimulate purchase function

When products are displayed in cosmetic display cabinets, the products can form a huge magnetic force on consumers. Cosmetic display cabinets are equipped with various auxiliary facilities. Such as lights and mirrors, which can be used to enhance the charm of the products and make the products shine under their influence. Just like diamonds can only bloom in the sun, thus stimulating consumers to take purchasing actions.

  • Function to attract consumers

When consumers visit shopping malls, unique and fashionable cosmetic display cabinets can easily attract them to the counter. Because for consumers, the first thing that attracts them is not the efficacy of cosmetics, but the visual impact brought by the cosmetics image showcase. This is the external feature that a good cosmetics display cabinet must have.

  • Corporate image promotion function

Cosmetic image display cabinets not only show the charm of cosmetics, but also promote the corporate image. By customizing personalized cosmetics display cabinets, enterprises convey a unified visual image of the enterprise, making it a symbolic object of the corporate brand image to distinguish it from the image of other enterprises. Corporate promotional posters can also be pasted on the outside of the cosmetics image display cabinet to convey the corporate image and attract consumers.

3. The basic principles of cosmetic display cabinets

After understanding the functions of cosmetic display cabinets, you should understand some basic principles of cosmetic display cabinet display:

  • The arrangement of products in the cosmetics display cabinet should be based on the principle of small at the top, large at the bottom, light at the top and heavy at the bottom, adjacent colors are arranged together, and the colors are gradually excessive.
  • The display area of the cosmetics display cabinet is neatly arranged. Even for different types of products, the visual display surface should have a square outline, which is conducive to attracting consumers and reflecting the brand’s momentum. Arrange the products neatly to form a surface so that consumers can see them from a distance.
  • Place the best-selling varieties or main products on the best cosmetic display cabinet display surface. The best display location is a place that is balanced with visual height. The larger the angle of looking down or looking up, the more eccentric the position will be.
  • The cargo label must be aligned. The goods and price tags are aligned one by one. The price tag includes POP, price stand, label and other signs indicating the price or performance of the product.
  • Ensure sufficient display area for a single variety in the cosmetics display cabinet. A large-area display of a single product can bring better sales than multiple products under the same display area. If the display area of a variety of products is too small, it will not be easy to attract consumers, let alone create trust among consumers.
  • Adjust the display in time according to the product manufacturing date. The products with the earliest time should be placed in the front row of the cosmetic display cabinet to maintain the normal flow of products. If you don’t pay attention to the first-to-ship, first-to-sell principle, it will often become a backlog.

Only by understanding the design considerations, functions and display principles of cosmetic display cabinets can we better apply cosmetic display cabinets. I hope the above content will be useful to everyone.

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