What is the best mall business to start in 2019?

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If you want to start your small business. it very clever to start it in a shopping center. it’s very hot sale and very popular trend all around the world. it’s a very good choice as many younger entrepreneurs.

When you walked into the shopping center. you will see there have many different types of the kiosk. such as the cosmetic kiosk, jewelry kiosk, phone kiosk, watch kiosk and more.

If you are interested to build a mall kiosk business. if you still not have more ideas. here are some popular mall kiosk business ideas to show.

1. mall food kiosk business.

Food service is the most popular all around the world. it including ice cream, Fresh juice, milk tea, coffee, popcorn, candy, bakery and more.

Ice cream & frozen yogurt

In summer, People always like to drink something cold, ice cream and frozen yogurt is very hot sale and warm welcome. It’s a great taste buds experience.


Coffee is likewise mainstream with customers and purchasers in general. So you can without much of a stretch set up a booth with coffee drinks they can bear while they shop.


To engage wellbeing cognizant customers, you can set up a juice and smoothie bar at a shopping center booth.

Snack Foods

Customers regularly get ravenous amidst their shopping trips. What’s more, nibble sustenances like pretzels, treats, and another simple to convey things can be prevalent.


Essentially, you can offer tea drinks or even bundles of tea that they can purchase and make at home.

Quickly Service Food

You can likewise offer some progressively considerable nourishment things like burgers, pizza, and sandwiches at snappy administration stands.


Or on the other hand, you can concentrate on little, bundled sustenance things that clients can take to go. candy is an incredible case of this.

No2.electronic products shop.

Electronic product is very warm welcome all around the world. you can be selling mobile phone, Computer,iPad, some electronic accessories and repair service.

Mobile phone service

As we know most people will have their own phone. have one, or even more. The demand is enormous. so to start a phone service store is a very wise choice.

Phone accessories & phone repair

It can provide phone accessories, such as case, chargers, and other smaller items to appeal to smartphone and tablet owners. besides. phone repair service also is very welcome.

No3. beauty salon service.

Mention salon service, presumably a lot of people are very familiar with it. By the majority of women’s love. it including manicure, pedicure, eyebrow threading, hair dressing, teeth whitening, makeup, skin care and more.

Manicure& pedicure

People All Said That, Hands are our second faces. manicure and nail art is the most popular salon service. in Summer, besides, pedicure service also is very hot sale in summer. it can make your toe looks better.

Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading service it can located in shopping mall or salon store. it including Eyebrow line, tattoo eyebrow, embroider eyebrow, trim eyebrow and more.

Hair dressing

Hair service it can location in the shopping center. it including hair cutting, hairstyle, and service. we can see hair cutting service is very huge, There are very good prospects for development.

Teeth whitening

Tooth health and whitening have always been our concern. it very popular service nowadays. you will notice there also have a special store for teeth whitening service. I’m sure a lot of people suffer from dental problems. if you want to start your business and make it successful. start it small teeth whitening store in the mall.

Cosmetic & skin care

When you go shopping, you will notice almost the ground floor are cosmetic kiosk service. it including cosmetic display, skin care product, and makeup service.

No4. Virtual Reality experience

Virtual Reality(VR) is the utilization of PC innovation to make a reenacted situation.

Computer generated Reality’s most quickly unmistakable part is the head-mounted showcase (HMD). People are visual animals, and show innovation is frequently the single greatest contrast between vivid Virtual Reality frameworks and customary UIs.

Real players in Virtual Reality incorporate HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR (PSVR)

No5. T-shirt Printing service

T-shirt printing service is very popular all around the world. as you know the T-shirt is very welcome clothes in summer. many people wanna make his T-shirt special. they like printing some pattern on it. such as a team, lovers, and family will do some exclusive pattern printing. it’s a good choice to start your mall business, isn’t it?

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your mall business. if you’re interested to start your mall kiosk business, or wanna further information, please contact us here. thank you!

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