5 Tips on Choosing a high quality jewelry kiosk

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There are different kiosk manufacturer all over the world , and they build thousands of jewelry kiosk every day . So what’s the best options to choose a high quality kiosk ? you can start from the following 5 aspects.

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First: Service.

When choosing jewelry kiosks, we must choose the manufacturers whose after-sales service is in place, so that when problems arise, they can be repaired in time. During the use of exhibition cabinets, the phenomenon of loose hinges and scratches on the counter surface is easy to occur. Good exhibition cabinet companies will take the initiative to provide services to customers and publicize the maintenance knowledge to customers. In view of the natural cracking of artificial stones, how can customers get repaired, replaced and compensated? Cabinet companies should have a clear and open commitment.

Second: price war.

Consumers first need to have a general positioning of their own needs, and then according to this positioning choose the real, quality and price matching jewelry kiosk. Choose a company with a clear price rather than a company with a seemingly large discount but a dark box operation, because good products cost a lot.

Third: the concept of the designer.

Real design includes design and development. Only display cabinet companies that lead the trend of exhibition cabinet have strong design ability and can design individualized exhibition props beyond the times.

Fourth: finished work of jewelry kisok.

Mainly check whether the table panels, door panels, box bodies and sealing strips, anti-collision strips are processed by machine moulding, and whether they are pressed on both sides at one time. Good products will not foam and deform in long-term use. The improper sealing of the sealing strip can cause oil fume, dust and insects to enter.

When looking at the jewelry kiosk, we should pay attention to observe its details, such as whether there is a slight edge collapse in the sheet opening, which can reflect whether the cutting saw is imported or not, and how the quality is; whether the sealing strip is glued tightly and the trimming edge is smooth and rounded, which can reflect whether there is an imported edge sealing machine and whether there is an automatic tracking trimming function;

If the hinge opening is smooth and smooth, it can reflect whether there is a hinge machine, For example, whether door panels and drawers open and close lightly and smoothly reflects the quality of hinges and rails, such as the smoothness of sheets and the smoothness of countertop.

Fifth: method on Quality check.

Check whether the waterproof strip on the back of the counter panel of the lower cabinet is well sealed and impermeable. The quality of cabinet door hinges is also critical. Its quality is related to the opening life of cabinet doors, and whether the leveller and screw of the ground base are damp-proof or wet-proof is also inspected. In the choice of the table, it should be easy to clean and have good wear resistance.

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