5 Easy Mistakes That Need To Avoid in Store & Shop Decoration

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When you open a retail store or restaurant, shop decoration is a necessary & important step. Storefront decoration determines the class and status of a brand. At the same time, decoration also determines the customer experience, and even affect the later business. However, decorating is not a one-time process. Many owners of shopping centers require their tenants to renovate or overhaul their shops every five years. Some brands will also join the store requirements 3 years a small renovation, a new renovation 5 years.

shoe shop design
retail shoe shop display finished by Uniquekiosk

Store finishes help keep the space relevant, current and attractive. However, decoration is not done well, there are many adverse consequences, undertake their own decoration project business owners often only focus on product display and shelf renovation. They didn’t know they had left out details while renovating the store, but then didn’t understand why sales had declined over time.

Of course, there may be many reasons for falling sales or not realizing the true potential of the business, but some store decoration mistakes can also lead to falling revenue. Let’s take a look at four common decorating mistakes that you should avoid when decorating your store.

First: bad lighting practice

Simply installing the same lights throughout the store,lights are most important parts in a store decoration. regardless of the need to highlight specific displays which will effect the whole style of interior design. By using a right light schedule , you can create a different shadows and circumstance . Shop decoration is not like a big office or meeting room. The smarter contractor will know the game of light .

The shop style,display location, light energy efficiency, hanging light height, and light color, even brightness of your lights are play a important role in creating the right environment for a particular type of business. So, make sure you have spend time and effort in light planning and choosing a high quality light that will save you a lot in future maintain.

Second: lack of proper signage

Proper use of signs can attract customers to buy. Signs should be direct and practical. Proper selection and placement of logos can guide customers to use the product as effectively as a salesperson. So it makes sense to carefully select the logo for each part of the store.

Using more adverting poster or advertising TV in a proper place are very important way to improve the whole store user experience. However ,you can not use too much on ads or make your shop products in a secondary position .

Third: focus on employee convenience rather than customer satisfaction

In order to improve the customer experience, the store layout and decoration is imperative. Customers must be very popular in the store. The overspread of the shelves makes it difficult for customers to buy the products. Clothes should be placed high up on the shelves, and the customer must call the shop assistant to pick up the product. Each component in the store must be selected and placed according to the customer’s convenience, taste, and needs.

Stop being fooled by cheap contractors and use our services and kiosks to avoid these and many other store renovation mistakes. The layout, presentation, and overall atmosphere of the store should be relevant to the target audience. We know how to build the best store fixtures and shop furniture . And turn any space into a business hot spot. Please contact us immediately for more guidance.

Fourth: ordinary retail display

An excellent display stands will bring unexpected effect. The lack of shelves, counter tops and display equipment makes it difficult to encourage sales. Dull display cases represent businesses that don’t care about their customers. Shopping is a sensory experience. Customers see, smell, feel, touch and hear. Every display in the store has to be amazing, a sensory journey. For this reason, it is important to have a store with the right display equipment because it provides the foundation for the look and feel of the entire store.

Fifth: using wrong color schedule

color schedule are most important in a store decoration. However , some of the contractors will choose to give too bright color to attractive customer. This is not right all the time. The best color combination should container in the brand name. Choose the right color from logo or brand culture will make your shop much more higher level.

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