4 Tips for an outdoor food kiosk business

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What is the most popular service all around the world 2019? it must be foods service. People are always trying new foods and drinks whenever and wherever they are. It’s a very popular trend, isn’t it? Nowadays, People don’t just start their own food businesses in the mall, indoors. More and more outdoor food kiosk. More and more outdoor stores are able to win customers’ love and meet the needs of different customers.

If you are interested to start your outdoor food kiosk business. if you still not have ideas. here are some tips to help you.

1. Style selection

Container shops

Transforming the shipping container as a restaurant is Very creative. When you walk down the street and beach. you will notice there have so many container shops.

Container Regular Specification is 20ft, 40ft, 40HQ, 45HQ. there also can install a hydraulic system. it can add more space to sale and seating.


  • is high quality and strong.
  • rain-proof and sunblock
  • it’s easy to move to another space.

Outdoor food kiosk.

Outdoor food kiosk is a portable store. it’s easy to moved to another space. the size, color, style it very multifarious,usually inside with wooden counter. with one or two sales windows. with a small entrance.

2. Material selection

Inside frame.

we can see the outdoor kiosk usually with roof, four sides can close at night. In order to the whole kiosk is more strong, we will add some metal frame inside. in order to support the whole kiosk shapes. it’s very safe.

Plywood+aluminium-plastic panel.

As we know outdoor used kiosk must consider the waterproof. using plywood as the basic material, surface with aluminium-plastic panel. it’s very enough strong.

Metal with baking painting

Metal with baking painting also is a very good option. The biggest advantage is that lightweight. surface use metal paint, It can prevent rust very well.

3. Showcase window.

Glass window

For all outdoor kiosks, it is necessary to add some sales Windows, and add some glass window is a very good option. the client can see the inside foods from outside. also can have an Isolation function, windproof, dustproof.

Roller shutter door

At night, we must consider the whole kiosk safety. many people will add some roller shutter door on the showcase part. Very easy to operate.

4. Install.

As we know we are a supplier in China, so, need shipping the whole kiosk via container. it must cut it fit the container width. as we know The standard container width is only 2300mm.so, if you want to make the whole kiosk is overall. must make the width not more than 2200mm.

If your located area is big. in order to fit the loading, we will cut the whole kiosk is two-part or more. so. we must consider the kiosk install, wire connection, and rain-proof. for each part will have a metal plate with a hole. here can install screw to connect. for each wire will have a number, Just connect the corresponding wires according to the number.

As you know, There will be a gap in the joint, in order to prevent leakage of rain, we will put a layer of tarpaulin on it.

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