2X2m Corn kiosk export to Felixstowe

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This Corn kiosk builds in March 2018. It’s under the stairs at the mall. mainly for selling corn, crepe, milkshakes, and coffee.

corn kiosk

Basic information:

You can see the whole kiosk is very modern and Mini, is 2m by 2m, the basic material is fire retardant MDF, the surface is white and orange color baking painting finished and veneer. white Corian countertop. stainless steel skirting with the led light strip.


at the whole kiosk front part is a double-deck crepe machine, the right side is a cashier counter, a small steamer and a signs stand for display product. on the left sides is a menu lightbox, guests can choose snacks and cold drinks with different flavors here. at the corner is a single stainless steel sink. it mainly for clean.

corn kiosk
corn kiosk

You can see the whole kiosk surface with colorful sticker decoration. at the bottom is white led light strip. it’s very attractive. do you like it?

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