12X5ft Mobile phone kiosk export to Miami

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This Mobile phone kiosk is we made in Dec 2018. is export to United stated Miami, it mainly for selling mobile phone and phone accessories. also with phone repair service.

Basic Introduce:

Brand: Odyssey phone repair

Size: 12X5ft

Material: MDF, Tempered glass.

Design: 3d max and CAD drawings.

Service: Mobile phone, phone case, phone repair.

As you see the whole kiosk mainly tone is white, match a little orange color acrylic decoration strip. inside is hidden led light strip. you can see the front part mainly is for phone accessories display. the back sides are some wooden display shelves. the top part is some spotlight. very nice.

Some real production photos to show

As you see the whole kiosk display showcase, is hidden many led light strip. the bottom is around white led light strip. it’s very bright.

Thanks for your time and reading, the unique kiosk is a direct factory mainly work on the design and customize different types of mall retail kiosk and display fixtures. if you’re interested to build a phone kiosk like this one, please contact us for free.

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