10x15ft donut display kiosk export to Felixstowe

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This donut display kiosk is we made in August 2017, It’s export to Felixstowe port.

donut display kiosk

Basic information:

Size: 10X15ft.

Material: plywood. fireproof plate, solid wood.

Counter: white Corian.

Service: donut. bakery. coffee, beverage, milkshakes.

Accessories: menu lightbox, led light. acrylic logo.

You can see the whole kiosk is very Modern and fashion, the main tone is black, match some green, and wood grain the front part is a cashier counter and a beverage display fridge, with solid wood grain and luminescence acrylic logo. the left sides is a topping area with glass cover. the right side is the coffee machine, stainless steel double sink. the back side is row wooden counter, the bottom is under counter fridge. there also have a seating area at the back sides, with table, chair, and bench, it’s very comfortable.

Here are some real production photos for your reference.

donut display kiosk
donut display kiosk

Thanks for your time and reading, if you’re interested to build a donut kiosk like this one, please feel free to contact us here, welcome inquiry!

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