Do you plan to open a cosmetic kiosk in the mall center? To open a cosmetics shop in a shopping mall, the decoration and production of cosmetics showcases are very important. So you need to make a layout plan and 3D design. Combine product elements and product positioning to decorate, so that the entire space has a corresponding visual effect. Customize exclusive cosmetics showcases to make them unique and also bring traffic to the store.

First of all, in the decoration, it is according to your location in the mall, not the bigger the better. Because the volume of cosmetics is small and cannot exceed the allowed range of the mall, the design focus is mainly on the cosmetics showcase, which needs to be used to reflect the product quality. If your cosmetic display cabinet design has no concept, please contact us. We have a professional team of designers to find the best solution for you. The unique display cabinet not only attracts customers, but also allows cosmetics to be displayed more perfectly. Here are the real photos for your reference.

Design idea pciture

cosmetic showcase makeup shop cosmetic booth cosmetic kiosk

In addition, lighting decoration is very important when customizing cosmetic display cabinets. It should not be too glaring, and it can also allow customers to see the effect better. The experience counter is also very important because customers like to buy products that suit them. If there is enough space, you can set up a rest area to facilitate the rest of the accompanying person.
The most important thing is to provide thoughtful service. Good service can capture the hearts of customers and bring you more customers.

If you have any new idea about cosmetic kisok decoration, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to share more infromation with you. Thank you.

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