Yellow and Brown Color Popcorn Kiosk with Seats for Sale

Popcorn kiosks are good to use in the shopping center, movie theaters, food courts, and even restaurants. Because of their sweet taste, clients like to eat them in their spare time. I am sure you will have a great business if you sell popcorn in the mall. Here is a nice popcorn kiosk sharing with you.

fast food kiosk

Description of popcorn kiosk

This popcorn kiosk has a service counter and seating area depending on how much location size you have rented. The service counter area is 4m by 3m. Includes a display counter, working area, individual counter, storage cabinets, business logo, and menu.

corn cabinet

Besides, the seating area size is 4m by 3m, we can set a bar counter with chairs, and tables so that clients can sit down. We can also set walls surrounding it, it is good to prevent clients’ privacy. And you can also attach brand logos or posters to remind people of your business.

food kiosk

Details information

We can see there are 3 cashier registers in total, so clients can buy popcorn easily without in a long waiting line. There is a glass panel on the countertop, that use as a sneeze guard. On the counter body is the luminous logo, clients can view your business from different directions. Under the countertop has locked cabinets to store more items.

popcorn kiosk

Material details

The main material is plywood to build the popcorn kiosks. And surface material is laminate in yellow color. We can also use baking paint or wood veneer to get a good effect. The countertop uses white stone, that protects the kiosk well and it’s convenient to use. We will use stainless steel kicking to avoid accidental damage.

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