Wooden style pharmacy store display furniture glass shelf

Hi everyone, welcome to our website. Medicine is a necessary thing in people’s life. So we can see it has many pharmacy stores on the street. If you want to open a pharmacy store the interior shop design is the most important. We have to take it seriously from the very first step.

We have many ideas for the pharmacy shop design and you can check them on our website. This is a wooden style pharmacy store display furniture glass shelf share with you.



This is a pharmacy shop selling many kinds of medicines. When the customer enters the medicine shop is an information desk also as a cashier counter. Against the wall of the pharmacy store is a line of the wall display showcase. It has the name of the medicine on the top then we can find out the medicine fast.

The wall display showcase against the wall of the pharmacy shop is the glass display shelf. We can add the led strip light on each of the glass display shelves then it can brighten. But it is okay because the ceiling also has the lights to brighten the whole medicine shop.



Our company can make a whole pharmacy shop design for you. For a customized medicine shop design, we will charge a design deposit. From 500-1000USD, it is according to your exact shop size. We will arrange the layout for the pharmacy shop. The designer will make a new 3d model with your shop size.

We will send the 3d pharmacy store design to you in 3-5 working days. Then we can check and see if anything needs to change or not. We can make the revision for the medicine shop as you need.

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