Wooden Drugstore Pharmacy Furniture Cashier Desk Shop Interior Design


Interior design should considered in many ways.

The interior design of the drugstore is the key to retain customers. The main consideration is the problem of a drugstore shelf display, based on the principle of convenient customers to choose and buy to do the display. And then do a good job of cleaning, tidy up, to create a comfortable and clean shopping environment for customers. And improve the shopping experience degree.

In addition to the drugstore shelf display, the design of each channel can not ignore, the most important is the width should appropriate, convenient for customers to pass. So that customers can free to shuttle between the shelves of each drugstore.


How to start the design of the Wooden Drugstore Pharmacy Furniture?

First, if you get the location for the pharmacy store, please let me know the size. It is better if you can get the floor plan.

Second, we suggest to start the 3d design first. For the 3d design, we will charge 500-800 USD design deposit. ( Depend on your shop size ).But it will deduce from the total cost. This is a small part of the amount.

Third, we will send the 3d design drawing to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.

Then we can change the design for you if you want any changes.

Also we will make the detailed technical drawings for you after you confirm the final design.

Please pay 50% deposit and then we will start the production.

We will send the production photos to you from time to time.

Finally, 50% balance before shipping and then we will ship it out.


We have qualitative products as well as professional sales and technical team, so we are able to provide customers with good products, excellent technical support and perfect after-sales service.




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