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Nowadays, more and more people focus on their health. It’s a great idea to open a pharmacy store. However, do you know how to choose the pharmacy store kiosk to make your store stands out? Today I want to introduce a wooden design pharmacy store kiosk here, hope it will help you come up your own ideas.

Usually, pharmacy store need many display shelves and stand to put different kinds of medicines. Because they require different storage environment, and some medicines can’t put together in the same places. So we need different display and storage areas.

Firstly, we can see there is a window in the entrance, on the bottom is a 3-layer display shelves. In front of it are 2 acrylic display stands. The 4 sides display can store essential medicine, so customers can find them easily. Besides, there are two wall display stand in each side. It can better save space and this wall display shelves will makes your store more tidy. Next to the display shelves is a wall display stand. And customers can pay bills here in the white display counter. We can also put a fridge here to meet the requirements of some special medicines. Finally, the semicircle white stand can for both display and storage. Do you like this pharmacy store design?

pharmacy store kiosk

More information

The basic material of the pharmacy store kiosk is plywood, with wood surface finish. Before production, we need to choose a store design first, and arrange all the kiosks in the right place. So it’s better to choose a factory who can both provide design and production service. Because they can know the details clearly and can control the production process.

It’s very important to create unique furniture design for your store. If you need such a special store furniture, please let us know. Our company have 10 years’ experience in production customize commercial furniture. We have a professional design team to do 3D designs, when you need small changes, they can modify in time.  We are looking to discuss more design ideas with you. Thank you for reading.

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