Many people dream of having their own retail kiosk. For entrepreneurs who don’t have enough budget to rent long-term fixed stores, now is the best opportunity to start a business at low cost. Three ways to start a business in a retail mall: regular stores, kiosks, and carts. So you can hire short-term retail stalls (shops or trolleys) in the shopping mall to start your business

The advantages of mall stand cart. The first is that the cost of selling short-term stalls is lower than the cost of fixed stores. Secondly, the passenger flow in shopping malls is relatively large. In addition, short-term stalls are very suitable for the promotion of new products. If you are a new brand or have a new product, it is a good idea to start with retail stalls in various malls. With the steady growth of sales, you can upgrade the store or find a franchisee.

Product category and price strategy

Generally speaking, the annual sales of each booth are around 350,000 US dollars. Of course, actual sales will vary depending on the specific product. For consumers, it they ebcounter a unique product, they may but it soon. Howevery, if they don’t see it in the mall center, they won’t buy it. Therefore, what attracts consumers to buy in the mall is “convenience” and “unique”.

If you are ready to start a retail business, it is often best to choose novel or unique product sales. Because there is no competition for such products, the price can be set higher and the profit will increase accordingly. Here is a mall cart for your reference.

retail kiosk display stand retail cart

retail booth

It is custom made to match your business. Whatever decoration you need, we can help you add to the retail cart. A new cart deisgn with your brand logo need about 3 days. Production takes about 20-25 days. If you have any new ideas, please feel free to contact us.

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