Hello friend, nice to meet you here. Glad to know that you like this perfume kiosk. When you plan to open a business in the mall center, this white perfume kiosk is a good choice to start. With the fast development of economy, perfumes play an important role in our daily life. It is a good idea to open the perfume shop in the mall center. Now, let’s learn more about this perfume kiosk and see how it help your business.

Description about the perfume kiosk

The main color of the kiosk is white, including white counter, white light, white display showcase and white floor. The perfume shop including 3 parts, which stand in a line. In the middle, there is a big round display stand with wall cabinets. You can put perfumes here and put up posters here for advertising. On the top ceiling is for brand logo. While on the two sides is a curved white display stand and a unique reception desk. The white display stand has glass showcase on the top and locked drawers on the bottom to restore items. It has simple design but looks elegant, because of the whtie light strip in the whole kiosk.

Real pictures show

From the real perfume kiosk picture, you can view every part clearly. It is designed based on the size 10ft by 10ft. You can tell us which color and size you require. Then our designer can make a new design to show your perfume kiosk. When you need change somewhere, we can help you modify better

perfume kiosk

When you need a customized kiosk, we can help you design and build the perfume kiosk follow on your requirements. We will choose the best material to build it. And the whole kiosk will assemble well in our factory. When you think it’s ready to ship, we can help you delivery the goods. Thank you

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