Are you looking for cosmetic stand? Skin care and cosmetic products has a big market in the world. Everyone in the world use skin care products to protects and put on makeup. As we all know, makeups need small invest and bring much profit. It’s a good time to open your own busienss. Today, here is a wonderful cosmetic kiosk sharing with you. Hope it can help you better.

Why do you need custom kiosk?

There are many well-known skincare and cosmetic brands on the market. If you join them, you don’t have to worry about shop decoration. Because they have a unified store style and management model, they will also have relevant training. But if you plan to build your own brand, then determining the decoration style and brand name is your most important consideration. Only a unique innovative style gets everyone’s attention.

Introduction about cosmetic stand

This cosmetic stand covers an area of 3m×3m, a very commen size to start business. The main colors are black and gold. It looks very beautiful and elegant. In the front side, there is a gloden reception counter. In the middle area are working table with mirrors, customers can try on cosmetics here. There are two large dviders with large posters separate them. The large LOGO serves as a frame on the side, and customers can impress your brand. Do you like this cosmetic stand decoration?  Here are some real pictures for your reference. So you can view the details clearly.

cosmetic stand makeup booth cosmetic booth cosmetic stand

Before pruchasing the unique kiosk, you should think about the cosmetic stand decoration carefully. Then, let the designer know what size, color, requirements of the cosmetic booth. When everythin shown in the 3D design drawing, you can see the whole decoration directly. Whenever you think can be better, they can help you modify soon. If you have any ideas about cosmetic booth design, please feel free to contact us. Thank you

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