There are probably a lot of people who think design is a quick and easy thing to do. And they

don’t need to pay on the design, it just a picture, it’s not worth paying for the design. That’s

wrong. Now let’s talk about why you need to make the design first.


Such as you want to make a mall food kiosk, and you have your favorite style. You said you want

the same one. We told you need to pay 300USD design fee,but you said you don’t need the

design, you want the same one.In general, mall food kiosk design have some machines, some put

on the ground or recessed into the cabinet. If you want to make the same one, but you don’t

have this machine or you have different type, different shape. Can we make the still make the

same one?No. Or if your size different as the model design, then it looks also different. And we

have to change something, so we need to make a new design. Make the design that exactly

matches your size and requirements. Our products all produce according to the design drawing.

Only when we confirm the design with you, we will start production.If you don’t want to make

the design, you don’t know what’s your kiosk like. For a shop, design is more important. It need

to according to your shop dimensions to design the cabinet or display shelf’s dimensions. When

finish the whole shop design, you can see your shop layout or decoration very clearly. So it’s very

necessary to do the design.


You sent me the style you like and tell me the kiosk size you want to make and all your requirements, then we deign it. When finish, we will sent the design to you. You can modify it according to your idea. We all know that some kiosks need to get the approval by the mall. So we will also modify it according to the requirements of the mall. There are some very strict designs that need to be changed a dozen times. And we need to modify it again and again until your are satisfied. So if you want to make your kiosk perfect, you really need to design a new one for yourself.


The road of design is long and arduous, requiring inspiration and savvy. In the position of the designer standing on your side,design your kiosk/shop as your own kiosk/shop, take into account all the things you need, and think about what you not considered. What does a designer cost?It’s time. Time is they are only cost and product basis. Perhaps in your opinion, the role of a designer is just a picture that you cannot understand, but you do not know that each line is composed of unique design imagination. This is especially true of the creativity of an interior designer. Many times, they will draw a floor plan just by your intermittent description. They need to calculate the display shelf and design display cabinet to suit your kiosk/shop size. For designer, time is their cost.


You pay your money, they pay their time to make a perfect design for you and let you get a

perfect product. If some companies don’t charge a design fee, i am not sure the quality of the

design. So pay the design fee, you will get a customize design just for you. And finally, it will

deduct from your balance payment when we place an order. So the design is free. I am sure our

design will satisfy you. So if not for the final product price, we can certainly complete this order.

If you want your product more perfect, then you have to pay the design fee.


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