White color theme candy store design simple style shop fixtures

A candy shop design actually not a very fancy design. If you do not like the colorful candy store style, we can make it just simple design with white color. Then this candy shop we will make it simple and modern style. Both young people and children will love it.

This is a white color theme candy store design simple style shop fixtures. If you are looking for a simple candy shop design like this, you can check this design for reference.



This is a simple design with mainly white color display cabinet and white color reception counter. White color is okay if you want a simple design. Because we can add the Led strip light on the display shelf so that it will look good. On the wall decoration, we can add grass decoration or put some posters for advertising.

The lights for the candy store is also important. We need to use bright lights for the candy shop. The display showcase also needs good lights to let the candy products look delicious. So that the customer can see it and attract them to buy it.


Please feel free to discuss with our team what style of candy store you want. Our design team will make the candy shop to fit what you want and according to your shop size. A customized candy store design will charge a design deposit it will depending on the size of your candy shop. Usually 500-1000USD and we will send the candy store design to you in 5-7 working days.

You can check the design and let us know your comments. Then we will change the design as you like but the revision service is for free.

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