White color hair salon furniture barber shop design for sale

Dear all. Thank you for reading. Are you looking for hair salon furniture? Are you going to open a salon store in your country? Do you need a customized hair salon decoration for your store? Hair cutting service becomes more and more popular nowadays. And our designer have designed many unique barber shop furniture for barber shop owners, and every details should follow their own ideas. Today, I want to share a white color barber shop furniture with you, hope it will help you.

Details about the barber shop furniture

As we can see in the design, customers can enjoy hair cutting service in the left side, as there is a long work place for hair cutting service. And there is wall display shelves for stylish, and the back wall is for fake hair display. So customers can choose the best hair style they want. In the center are nail tables, and colorful nail polish is on the wall, so that customers can choose the best one they want. There is a check out counter in front of the column, so And on the right side, we can see there is a small house please, you can do pedicure service here.

When people come with their friends, they can have a rest in the sofa. As we can see it’s a large store design, so it is a good idea to cooperate with someone who do manicure and pedicure service. There is also places for beauty or massage services in the back side. Therefore, it can not only reduce the cost, but also win more customers. Once people enjoy one service in the store, they will experience another one next time. So, the most important is to provide better service.


barber shop furniture

In a word, a customized white color hair salon furniture can high light your brand culture and express a feeling of comfortable. It will makes consumer ensure that you can meet their satisfaction. Do you like this design idea?

You are welcome to let us know your own design idea. Thank you for reading.

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