USA shipping mall retail cosmetic skin care salon & shop furniture

Recent years there are 80% of our company’s customers are from America.

This time I’d like to A representative and successful skin scare store project from my USA customer.

Now let me give a brief introduction to this customer which from the USA his name is Ben, when he sends the inquiry to me, he still working a skin care store, he told me he wants to start his own business with his partner, Elite .after we talked for several days and with my professional guide. Finally, they have successfully signed the contract with that GGP mall. To be honest, it is really time-consuming to communicate with malls management and know its build mall kiosks rules total around a month. that part They are very appreciative of my ability and expertise. Here we have laid the foundation for the later happy cooperation

Below image is his real shop effect after installation with our design shop looks very beautiful.

Do you like its design and the style display furniture ???

Below is some guidance for you when you open a new shop what you need to offer and what we do for you.

what the customer needs to offer when built store furniture:

  • 1.the floor plan store
  • 2.Layout
  • reference image
  • 4.details each size of a cabinet
  • 5.Logo AI file

What are our factory will offer to you —All In One System

  1. professional store solution based on your request
  2. Share our successful similar store project to you
  3. Make 3D and technical drawings
  4. Finished products and installation guide
  5. Arrange the shipping
  6. Offering original bill of loading, packing list, invoice by FedEx to your hand
  7. After sales service with 24 hours
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