USA famous cosmetic brand store furniture beauty salon shop design

The cosmetic product is one of the most popular products in the USA. Everyone wants to look beautiful, especially girls. If you want to start a business we suggest to start a cosmetic business because it can bring you a good profit. For a cosmetic shop, you not only can sell cosmetic products but also can offer some services like skin care or makeup and other services.

What we can do for you is our company has a professional team to guide you on how to start the design and make the store furniture for you. This is a USA famous cosmetic brand store furniture beauty salon shop design for your reference.



This is a cosmetic store we just finished and shipped to the USA. Let us introduce the details of this cosmetic shop to you. The layout of the cosmetic store includes a reception area, product display area, and beauty care area. Against the wall of this cosmetic shop has the wall display cabinet. In the middle of the cosmetic shop has a small display stand also for the product display area.

The reception area is a counter and the back has a silver stainless steel lighted logo. This counter is for the customer to ask for the information and check out. In the middle has 2 beauty beds that can have a facial.



If you want to start a cosmetic store like this, you need to find a shop location and get the size or floor plan from the landlord. Our design team will make a new 3d shop design model according to your shop location size. We will put the store furniture in the 3d model and send it to you.

You can let us know your favorite store furniture style and get back to us. If you do not have any idea, do not worry, our design team will send the concept to you.

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